Warm Prosciutto Figs Cambozola

December 1, 2011

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My fig tree has struggled for several years because my DH always thought it was in the way and kept on taking the trimmer to it, but I finally had another really messy tree near it removed and the fig tree has a different direction to grow in that is not in the way and this year I had many figs and late into the fig season I still have a few hopefuls.

The picture is of my last batch of figs that I simply halved, spread with Cambozola cheese, wrapped in prosciutto and heated in a hot oven just enough to slightly crisp the prosciutto, but thoroughly melt the cheese.


Food52 Review: Ibbeachnana's appetizer came as a blessing when I realized I needed to put together a few one-bite appetizers that required no major cooking time. Very sweet and ripe figs, delicious triple creme cambozola, and crispy prosciutto make the perfect three -ingredient appetizer that covers creamy, rich, crispy, sweet, and savory in one wonderful bite. I love the formula, seven figs, seven dabs of cheese, and seven slices of prosciutto—all baked for seven minutes! Obviously you can double or triple this recipe. I reduced some balsamic vinegar for a nice touch, but if you have any kind of balsamic or fig syrup, as ibbeachnana suggests, your life is made even easier! Thanks for a great, quick solution to appetizer frenzy!Bevi

Makes: 14 halves


  • 7 clean and halved fresh figs
  • 7+ teaspoons Cambozola cheese
  • 7 slices prosciutto, halved length wise
In This Recipe


  1. Clean, dry, and halve the figs, spread with a little cambozola (1-1-1/2 teaspoons) wrap with 1/2 slice prosciutto (cover cheese completely). Preheat oven to 350° and roast until a slight crispiness on the prosciutto 7 minutes or so, Serve warm drizzled with Balsamic Cream or fig balsamic.

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ibbeachnana September 13, 2013
Crème de tondo <br />http://www.gourmet-food.com/gourmet-food/tondo-balsamic-cream-1000388.aspx
erskinechef September 13, 2013
Hello- what's balsamic cream? Thanks
Author Comment
ibbeachnana January 8, 2012
Thanks for trying my recipe, Ilook at it now and wish for fresh figs, so maybe I can get out and trim my tree properly for next year's crop.