Soused Sardinian Celery

March 11, 2012
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Author Notes

Ever since I read that it has marvelous beaches of very fine sand and is known for its rustic sheep and goat cheeses, Sardinia has been near the top of the list of places I really want to visit. However, since crossing from New York into New Jersey is what comprises a Major Travel Event in my life, such a trip seems fated for the distant future. In the meantime, however, I sometimes like to pretend I am in Sardinia. This is a bit of a stretch, as I am in the middle of Nassau County, but both Sardinia and Long Island do share certain similarities, the primary one being that they are both islands, as well as several other things I can't think of right now. Anyway, one of the ways I pretend I am in Sardinia is by sitting in the backyard with a lovely glass of white wine and a plate full of olives and a glass bowl of cracked ice and what we call Soused Sardinian Celery. I have absolutely no idea if Sardinians do this to their celery, or if they even eat celery, but if they did, it might taste something like this. —wssmom

What You'll Need
  • 1 bunch celery, trimmed, outer ribs discarded
  • 1 medium glass bowl filled with crushed or cracked ice
  • Sambuca
  1. Separate the celery into ribs, and slice each rib into three pieces the long way. You can leave the leaves on top to look pretty if you like.
  2. Bury the ends of the sliced celery in the cracked ice. Pour a couple of shots of the sambuca over the cracked ice and let the celery hang out for a while until it has absorbed some of that lovely licorice flavor.
  3. Serve forth with a glass of wine, some olives and other vaguely Sardinian-like snacks and pretend you are overlooking a Mediterranean beach.
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12 Reviews

LeBec F. March 12, 2012
sardinia eh? did you see the episode w/ Tony(Bourdain) there?mom, if you feed me pasta with botarga
(or butàriga in Sardinian)to go along with the soused celery, i'll be there in a shot!!
wssmom March 12, 2012
Le Bec Fin, you are so on!!! :)
fiveandspice March 12, 2012
Ooooh. Anything soused is a good idea in my book! Anything you "serve forth" is a good idea too.
wssmom March 12, 2012
Serve forth while soused, hard to beat!
Bevi March 12, 2012
This is a great way to get my intake of alcohol. Thanks to you!
wssmom March 12, 2012
Plus some vitamins, too :)
aargersi March 12, 2012
Again with Best Headnote Award! Maybe a F52 trip to Sardinia is in order ....
wssmom March 12, 2012
Lol thanks aargersi ... and if not Sardinia, everyone is welcome in my back yard ....
drbabs March 11, 2012
This is so you. Love.
wssmom March 12, 2012
Haha thanks drbabs!!!
inpatskitchen March 11, 2012
I LOVE this!!
wssmom March 11, 2012
LOL! Thanks!