Avocado- Easiest Way to peel and cube

March 30, 2012
Avocado- Easiest Way to peel and cube

Author Notes: This is a really no-fuss neat technique that I hope people will adapt for themselves!

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Makes: one avocado


  • 1 Haas avocado, ripe
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  1. Working with avocadoes can be very messy, but my technique is very easy and neat. Halve an avocado lengthwise and remove the pit. Hold one avocado half in the palm of your hand and with a paring knife, slice parallel lines lengthwise, about 1/2 inch apart, cutting down through the flesh just until you touch the avocado skin. Now if you want cubes, cut crosswise lines the same way.
  2. With a soup spoon placed right under the skin, scoop out the flesh (already in ready-to-use slices or cubes!). Repeat with second half. This can be done an hour or so before use, without the avocado turning dark.
  3. To create those lovely decorative avocado 'fans', cut a half into thin slices(not cubes) and when you remove the entire half from the shell with your spoon, separate a section of 3-6 slices, keeping the stem end together and the bottom part gently pulled out into an overlapping 'fan' of slices. Jump back, Martha!!

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