Stuffed Avocado With Poached Egg

June 13, 2012
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  • Serves 2
Author Notes

I stuffed an avocado with sauteed grape tomato and shallots and topped with sauteed bread crumbs, heated in the broiler for a short time and topped with a poached egg. It was delicious, the avocado was barely warmed, and the tomato, shallot and breadcrumbs were lightly browned and the bread crumbs a little crunchy. It's a wonderful contrast to the creamy smooth avocado and runny poached eggs. Very simple to make and as easy to make for 1 as it is for a crowd. The proportions don't have to be exact make enough for how many avocado's.you make. You can become as creative as you like. —sdebrango

Test Kitchen Notes

The final product of this recipe is really delicious, and I just made a couple of small changes. I used half of a large heirloom tomato, chopped (grape tomatoes seemed a bit large to stuff into the avocado halves). It was difficult to effectively stuff the avocado and get it in under the broiler, so I wound up scooping out the avocado halves and placing each half in a small ramekin. I broiled the avocado+tomato/shallot+breadcrumb mixture and then topped it with a fried egg. This is a fantastic quick light meal or snack! The simple flavors come together beautifully (the lime is essential, in my opinion, as are fresh breadcrumbs). Definitely a keeper! —sarahmc

What You'll Need
  • 1 ripe avocado halved
  • 1/2 cup grape tomatoes halved
  • 1 lobe of the shallot chopped
  • 1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs
  • olive oil for pan
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 large eggs poached or fried
  • 1/2 lime (for the avocado)
  1. Add olive oil to saute pan and add the chopped shallot, when it has softened add the tomatoes and saute just until the tomatoes start to soften and give off a little of their juices, season with salt and pepper. Remove from pan and add the bread crumbs.saute until they have absorbed the oil and are lightly browned. Remove from pan
  2. Turn oven to broil, place rack in the middle of the oven. Line a baking sheet with foil. Cut your avocado in half, squeeze the lime on both halves, sprinkle each with a pinch of sea salt. Fill the cavity with the tomato and shallots, top with bread crumbs and place in oven for approximately a minute just so it's warmed and the crumbs are golden brown.
  3. Top with poached or fried egg and enjoy.
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I have loved to cook for as long as I can remember, am self taught learning as I go. I come from a large Italian family and food was at the center of almost every gathering. My grandfather made his own wine and I remember the barrels of wine in the cellar of my grandfathers home, I watched my mother and aunts making homemade pasta and remember how wonderful it was to sit down to a truly amazing dinner. Cooking for me is a way to express myself its my creative outlet. I enjoy making all types of food but especially enjoy baking, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and I share my home with my two dogs Izzy and Nando. I like to collect cookbooks and scour magazines and newspapers for recipes. I hope one day to organize them.

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anotherfoodieblogger January 15, 2016
I am so IN on recipes with an egg on top!! I'll def have to make this. :)
anotherfoodieblogger January 15, 2016
You are welcome! I have no clue what's for dinner tonight. Pizza delivery most likely, lol. (No avocados in the house either... ) I had a real busy day at work.
anotherfoodieblogger January 15, 2016
It's only 5:20 here. Too bad the site doesn't have a like button so I can acknowledge your reply. No need to reply, ha!
adambravo July 5, 2012
Sounds great--but I would tweak it a bit further (borrowing from another recipe in my collection) and grill or saute the avocado halves for about 3min before stuffing them. Also wondering if I could 'dinner-ize' this by adding a bit of meat (chorizo) to the stuffing...
Kukla July 5, 2012
Congratulations Suzan on the CP, very well deserved!
EmilyC June 21, 2012
Made this tonight, and as expected, it was so simple and delicious and completely hit the spot! Love the fact that it's a new take on familiar ingredients. I used panko because it's what I had on hand and it worked well. And of course the lime juice is perfect here...brightens the whole dish.
jenniebgood June 21, 2012
sdebrango you always come up with such wonderful ideas!- love this.
bugbitten June 21, 2012
I can almost taste this. Looks like what the serve on weekends in Heaven.
Beautiful, M. June 15, 2012
What a wonderful idea for brunch! I love dishes that use natural forms as containers.
lapadia June 14, 2012
Sorta like an avocado hash! Beautiful photo of the poached egg, btw.
Kukla June 14, 2012
What a simple yet beautiful dish and a perfectly looking poached egg!
EmilyC June 13, 2012
Oh my, this looks wonderful. I always have avocados on hand so will definitely be trying this!
boulangere June 13, 2012
Oh my, yes!
Bevi June 13, 2012
Yummy yum yum!
creamtea June 13, 2012
This looks yummy! I also love shallots and grape tomatoes, but the bread crumbs, egg & avocado look wonderful together! I've got to have this for lunch.
aargersi June 13, 2012
seriously need to get my broiler fixed. This looks delish