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October  6, 2012
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  • Prep time 6 minutes
  • Cook time 6 minutes
  • Makes 4
  • 1 pound Grape
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9 Reviews

Vap99 September 17, 2020
Hello, can this grape jam be frozen instead of canned? Thank you
BethStrot February 25, 2020
Lovely recipe. I used refined sugar and orange juice as that is what I had on hand. Boiled mixture on Med-low while stirring until sugar thermometer read 220° which took about 45 minutes! Processed and jam turned out perfectly. Delicious!!
Bernadette S. May 28, 2017
Made two batches yesterday. First batch I cooked slowly and I don't think for long enough. It did not fully set, but OMG, is it ever tasty! The second batch I boiled on a higher flame, for a shorter time and it set perfectly, within a few hours. It is hands down the best jam I have ever tasted. There is a summer FULL of PB & J in my future!
John G. September 5, 2015
My experience was the same yesterday. Did not thicken after 1 hr 10 min. I got 3 pts of really nice syrup though. Which I needed...
Karen N. August 30, 2015
Dear Neo,
No worries. The first batch is tasty and edible as a syrup. It will be used and enjoyed. Perhaps the grapes were the issue. I used black table grapes. The flavor of this recipe is unique and not run of the mill. You have created something special. My youngest daughter, with her discerning palate, has given her nod of approval. It is a good day in Jamville! Thanks again.
Karen N. August 30, 2015
I am sorry that this recipe, as is, does not thicken up. I even added an extra cup of sugar to attempt to thicken the batch. The second batch, I added pectin, 4 cups of sugar and the other ingredients. I used organic orange/pineapple juice instead of either orange or pineapple juice. The flavor is pleasing. I do appreciate the concept and will continue to use this recipe with the addition of the pectin. We will use the first batch on pancakes, pound cake or french toast. Thanks for sharing your recipe and comments.
Author Comment
NeoHomesteading August 30, 2015
Sorry this was not successful for you. I have had success with it, I'm not sure why others are experiencing this set back.
diane R. September 12, 2014
I was so excited to try this, and followed the receipe to the letter. It never thickened up! I used 3 cups of unrefined sugar. I'm wondering if I should have used another cup. Just don't like the idea of all that sugar! Well, at least it won't go to waste. It'll be good on waffles, pancakes and ice cream.
luvcookbooks October 7, 2012
Interesting ... I want to try this...