Gnocchi with a twist

December  2, 2009
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  • Serves 3
Author Notes

No ricer, sieve or potato masher for the potatoes. Used plastic bag and massaged the potatoes. works equally well. Can use pumpkin instead of potatoes. —jeroxie

What You'll Need
  • 5 waxy potatoes
  • Plain Flour
  • Grated Pecorino
  • Black trumpets or wild musrooms
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • Creme Fraiche
  • Butter
  1. # Boil the potatoes with skin on till it is super soft. Remove the skin and then cubed.
  2. Chuck all the cubed potatoes into a plastic bag, place a cloth over it and massage or use the back of a small pan and gently pound it. It will be still be a little lumpy. So use fingers and press on those lumpy areas. It works way better than a potato masher!
  3. Flour the benchtop and place a little flour at a time to the mashed potato. Knead gently with the salted flour and keep adding until you reach the right bounce up. This means when you press into the dough, it will bounce back easily.
  4. Spilt the dough into 3 pieces and roll it gently into a roll stripe. Flour the knife and cut little 1.5cm dough.
  5. Use a fork and roll it over the dough. Place the dough into very gentle simmering salted water.
  6. The gnocchi is cooked once it floats to the top of the pot. Drain it.
  7. Saute the finely chopped garlic in olive oil and butter. Chuck in the mushrooms and cook it for about 1 minute
  8. Add the cooked gnocchi and more butter. Cook till the gnocchi has a slight brown colour. Remove the pan from the heat, add some creme fraiche and stir through. Season well
  9. Grate some pecorino on top and serve hot

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