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Classic Cashew Cream

August 20, 2019
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Author Notes

An easy recipe for cashew cream is one of the most powerful tools that any vegan home cook can have in his or her arsenal. This simple cashew cream can be modified according to the application; add a bit of sugar for desserts, or lemon and sea salt for savory dishes. —Gena Hamshaw

  • Makes 2 1/2 - 3 cups cashew cream (recipe can easily be halved)
  • 2 cups raw cashews
  • 1 cup cold water, plus more as needed
  • 1/2 - 3/4 teaspoons sea salt (optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons evaporated cane juice, demerara sugar, or maple syrup (optional)
In This Recipe
  1. Soak the cashews in cold water overnight.
  2. Drain cashews. Add them to a food processor and pulse a few times to grind them up.
  3. With the motor running, drizzle in fresh water (start with 1 cup), stopping a few times to scrape the bowl of the food processor down. You can continue to add more water depending on how thick or thin you'd like the cream to be; you may want it as thick as whipped cream, or you may want it to be closer to the texture of coconut milk. Keep adding water until you like the consistency. Alternately, you can add the cashews and the water to a high speed blender and blend, adding water as needed, till you reach the desired consistency. I don't recommend a conventional blender, though.
  4. For a savory cream, add the lemon and sea salt. For a sweet cream, add the maple syrup, cane juice, or sugar. Feel free to vary flavorings as you like!

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Gena is a registered dietitian, recipe developer, and food blogger. She's the author of three cookbooks, including Power Plates (2017) and Food52 Vegan (2015). She enjoys cooking vegetables, making bread, and challenging herself with vegan baking projects.

    6 Reviews

    Steve August 9, 2015
    Please clarify, you discard the overnight 'soaking' water? And if so, why not use this in the final product? Thanks
    pizza.princess March 10, 2015
    Is this how typical nut milks are made?
    Marquis July 16, 2013
    What a great idea! I still drink coffee and I'm battling the creamer department ... I've never used nut mylk as a creamer because it isn't "creamy" enough .. but I think I'll try this. Thanks Gena!
    DC D. February 25, 2013
    thanks for the recipe. i finally have the courage to try it!
    AntoniaJames February 8, 2013
    Great looking soup. Will be making it this weekend. ;o)
    Kelly T. February 8, 2013
    Cashew cream is wonderful. Thank you for reminding me how versatile it is.