Gourmet Italian Detox

January 14, 2015
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Author Notes

This winter’s Gourmet Italian Detox is inspired by...
... everything I've read in the past 5 years!
Gwyneth Paltrow/dr. Junger Clean Diet; James Duigan’s Clean & Lean; Skinny Bitch (ugly title, wonderful content!); Martha Stewart; Lauren Conrad and many others.
But above all, by the fabulous Italian cuisine.
The Mediterranean diet that has won awards and acknowledgments everywhere and that let’s you make gourmet any ingredient, making you forget you’re under a regime!
A very obvious premise: I am no doctor nor nutritionist, I am just one who invents, copies, reinterprets recipes. This time inspired by UNIVERSAL DETOX precepts.
So…here’s my recipe! —Claudia | Gourmet Project

What You'll Need
  • No gluten, no sugar, no pre-cooked or canned products, with the exception of beans, lentils and chickpeas (also approved by Marco Bianchi, if properly rinsed!), No milk, no dairy (yes to kefir!), no red meat.
  • Only seasonal fruits and vegetables, only cooked or dried tomatoes.
  • Only good fats: first of all extra-virgin olive oil!
  • Good proteins: plant based, chicken, turkey.
  • Tons of herbal teas and detox water!
  • Some peculiar ingredients, but the ones you can easily find at organic grocery shops or in big chains: brown rice pasta (noodles), chia, sesame or flax seeds, rice/coconut/ hazelnuts or almond milk.
  1. Preamble: Sleep more. Take care of yourself (beauty- natural- masks, treatments, etc).
  2. Never feel cold: green light to big cozy sweaters, wool socks and Grandma style shawls, even at home!
  3. Gently exercise: yoga for me! (my teacher has already planned some welcome back from the holidays sessions!).
  4. Procedure: Fast & Easy. I’m already into a regime, let’s not make it impossible to hang on to it! If you are chilly as I am, opt as often as possible for soups and stews. If you are also willing to loose some extra pounds: go heavy on vegetables!
  5. more on!

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