Lemon Lime Margaritas

March 16, 2010

Author Notes: Just getting ready for summer. - thirschfeldthirschfeld

Food52 Review: WHO: thirschfeld is FOOD52er whose photos, recipes, and writing impressed us so much, we gave him his own column.
WHAT: The perfect margarita, in our books.
HOW: Just juice, mix, and gulp. But watch yourself.
WHY WE LOVE IT: thirschfeld uses a bit less tequila and more Cointreau that the standard margarita formula, which made us think the drink might be sweet, but it's not -- it's smooth, tart, and drinkable as all get out.

Serves: as many as you need


  • 1 equal part fresh lemon and lime juice
  • 1 part Cointreau
  • 1 part favorite tequila, the more expensive the less the hangover
In This Recipe


  1. So if you have 1 oz. lemon, 1oz. lime, you have 2 oz. Cointreau and 2 oz tequila. Mix all of the above, stir and serve over crushed ice.
  2. Crushed ice is important, trust me.
  3. Make sure you don't have to go to work tomorrow and enjoy.

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