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Emerald Green Herb Oil

April 27, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin
Author Notes

This recipe is perfect for utilizing the leftover herbs in your fridge. Any soft fresh herb will work (basil, parsley, chives, oregano, dill, cilantro, etc).

The oil can be used in a salad dressing or as a garnish for anything from soup to fish to eggs. This herb oil is also good if you want to make a green-tinted homemade aioli. —Josh Cohen

  • Prep time 10 minutes
  • Cook time 40 minutes
  • Makes about 1 cup
  • 4 cups loosely packed fresh herbs (only leaves, no stems) - use any combination of soft fresh herbs (see headnote for some options)
  • 1 cup canola oil or grapeseed oil
In This Recipe
  1. Create an ice bath by adding some ice to a large mixing bowl and then adding 3 cups of water. Set your ice bath aside.
  2. Set a medium size pot of water over high heat. When the water is boiling, add the fresh herbs. Let the herbs cook for about 20 seconds, until they wilt and darken slightly in color. Quickly transfer the herbs from the boiling water to the ice bath.
  3. Remove the herbs from the ice bath and squeeze out as much excess water from the herbs as possible. Take your time with this step, really try to get as much water out of the herbs as possible.
  4. Transfer the squeezed herbs to a high-powered blender. Add the oil and blend on the highest speed for 2-3 minutes. The heat from the friction of the blender will help to break down the herbs and create a deep green color in the oil. When you turn the blender off, the herb oil should feel warm to the touch and literally have a little steam rising from the top of it.
  5. Line a fine strainer with cheesecloth, and put a large mixing bowl underneath. Pour the oil from the blender through the cheesecloth-lined strainer. Don't force the oil through the strainer, just let the oil drain naturally through. This may take about 30 minutes.
  6. When the oil has fully drained through the strainer, you can store it in a small container in the refrigerator for up to a few months. Use this oil to garnish anything, from soups to fish to eggs. Enjoy!

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Josh Cohen

Recipe by: Josh Cohen

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I'm perpetually inspired by the diversity of foods that exist in this city. I love shopping at the farmer's market, making ingredients taste like the best versions of themselves, and rolling fresh pasta.