Best cakes for the gifting purpose to your distant friends

July 17, 2018
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The celebrations always give us a reason to cherish the particular moments of life. We find time to celebrate our most of the occasions with family. We also give time to our best friends in life. Friends are the best companions of our life with whom we love to celebrate the best moments. They make our life full of excitements and adventures all the time. Friends exist with their unique influence in the friendship. They mostly express their love and care for you whenever it is necessary to show in the friendship.

Sometimes your friends have to separate for studies or job purpose in life. They start living in the other cities due to some reasons. Distance never makes a barrier in the real friendship. You need to give time to talk to your best friends. You can also celebrate their occasions by sending online gifts to them. The celebrations like birthday, wedding anniversary and promotions are the best time when you wish to be with your best buddies. You can dedicate them a delicious birthday cake delivery on their birthday as a perfect gift for the celebration and also there are many online websites who offer special friendship day cakes for distant friends.

Here are some cakes which you can gift to your distant friends on their occasions.

Butterscotch cake:

A butterscotch cake is the best choice for the celebration of the birthday. It is a smoothly textured cake with fresh buttercream. A butterscotch cake is the beautiful combination of caramel and cream. The different layers of a cake filled with fresh cream and butterscotch flavors. A floral design of whipped cream makes it excellent for a birthday celebration. A nutty crush help to make it crunchy in taste. You can dedicate this delicious butterscotch cake for your distant friend on birthday.

Rainbow photo cake:

Rainbow symbolizes different happy and beautiful colors of life. Everyone love to see these attractive colors on the memorable occasions. A colorful dessert also gives the unique feeling of the celebration. The cake looks beautiful with the alternate layers of different colors. You can also attach a memorable photograph on the rainbow cake to memorize the best day of your friendship. The cake looks beautiful with the beautiful pictures. You can surprise your friend on the friendship day. It will be a perfect friendship day gift for your best buddies.

Dark chocolate cake:

Chocolates are helpful to give us good feelings and happy moments. There is a various health benefit of eating chocolates. It helps to reduce the risk of heart stroke and lower blood pressure problems. A dark chocolate cake is a perfect dessert for the memorable celebrations of life. It is the combo of chocolate and whipped cream. All the layers of this cake are filled with melted chocolate which makes a cake more luxurious for the celebration. You can dedicate a dark chocolate cake for your friend on marriage anniversary celebration.

Pineapple cake :

The pineapple cake is a perfect dessert for any celebration. It is the natural flavor of cake and available in the whole year. The main ingredients of a pineapple cake are whipped cream and pineapples. The juicy flavor of pineapple help to make a delicious cake for your celebrations. The fresh slices of pineapple make a beautiful texture on the top of a cake. You can dedicate this mouth-watering cake for your best friend on the particular occasion which you can get through to make your friend happy and feel special. All of these cakes are perfect gifts for your distant friend's memorable occasions. —Muhammad Qasim

  • Prep time 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Cook time 1 hour 55 minutes
  • Serves 1
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