Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff With Mushrooms

September 27, 2018

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: There are certain foods I only ever make in my blue-checkered slow cooker. TV-dinner beef stroganoff, for example. My Crock-Pot (whom I've named Hal) may not be shiny and French like my Dutch oven Alfred, and I may have stolen him from my mother back home in Georgia, but he's still a good, reliable buddy in my kitchen, even after all those years of service. He also happens to make very delicious brown food. And as Nigella Lawson once said, "brown food tastes the best."Eric Kim

Food52 Review: Featured in: Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff Is Why I’ll Never Throw Out My Crock-Pot.The Editors

Serves: 4
Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 5 hrs


  • 2 pounds beef chuck stew meat
  • 1 red onion, diced
  • 8 ounces cremini mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 (10.75-ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 8 ounces sour cream
  • 12 ounces egg noodles, cooked, for serving
  • 1 tablespoon fresh parsley, roughly chopped, for garnish
In This Recipe


  1. Add the beef, onion, mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, and Worcestershire sauce to a slow cooker (such as a Crock-Pot) and season with salt and pepper. Stir, cover, and cook on high for 5 hours.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the egg noodles (or white rice, which I sometimes prefer).
  3. When the stroganoff is done cooking, stir in the sour cream. Serve over the egg noodles and garnish with the chopped parsley.

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61 Reviews

Gwen February 24, 2019
I don't like to use canned soup either so I make condensed mushroom soup and freeze in small jars. Great for lunches too. The recipe is what it advertised, sure 'real' beef stroganoff tastes better but sometimes you need a meal that's one pot, easy and cozy. It was exactly what we needed on a busy weeknight.
CC February 14, 2019
Big disappointment. I made it just as written but it was soupy. Left it warming as one reviewer suggested and after 20 minutes still soup. The flavor was fine but it was broth, so not really what was expected.
Rob G. February 15, 2019
Did you by any chance add the water like the directions say to do on the soup can? That's the only way this recipe could come out like soup.
CC February 15, 2019
That would explain it but no, I didn’t. I’m stumped.
Rob G. February 15, 2019
As am I.
Tracy January 31, 2019
Just made this today...I didn't do it in the crock pot, just simmered in a pan...added a little red wine, it is just DELICIOUS! LOVE IT!
Karl R. January 7, 2019
FYI this did not adapt well to the instant pot for me. Usually I find slow cooker recipes work pretty much as is (modulo finding an appropriate time under pressure, which I set at 35 minutes) but I think the moisture from the mushrooms trapped inside accumulated to result in an overly watery result, albeit with perfectly tender beef. I rescued it by draining some liquid, and adding beans and peas.

Perhaps something to try next time for any instant potters: strain the liquid, reduce, and add back.
Karl R. January 7, 2019
(also note I'm refraining from rating the recipe because I didn't really cook it as instructed :))
ali January 3, 2019
Thought this was great! Will make again. Thank you for sharing this recipe!
NancyFromKona January 1, 2019
Had to try this and compare to America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker recipe which has 16 ingredients including dried porcini mushrooms and an estimated 30 min prep time. Made this New Years Eve for family who all clamored for the recipe. The tired cook appreciated its simplicity. Meat great, sauce too thin for my taste, sauce much tastier when we came back for second helpings so in the future will plan for this. Will also increase meat and make sure we have a second bag of egg noodles and fresh dill on hand. Will get back to you after making ATKs version.
Steph January 2, 2019
This dish was much better than expected. DON’T be tempted to add more liquid at the start as the meat and mushrooms provide plenty as they cook down.There was a strong red onion smell for the first few hours but that was replaced by a nice beef stew flavour. The red onion in the ingredients doesn’t state size or amount so I didn’t use a whole medium - probably a cup of diced. I have a Kitchenaid slow cooker recommended by America’s Test Kitchen and it cooks at a strong high temperature and I cooked the stroganoff mixture and extra hour. Once the full fat sour cream (I also added some dried dill at another readers suggestion and this added another depth of flavour) was added the sauce still seemed thin but with the lid off for approximately 15 minutes it thickened quit a bit more. The flavour was bang on and I will definitely make this again. Not having to brown the meat was a huge step I enjoyed not having to do for a change in a slow cooker recipe.
Steph January 1, 2019
Making this today, New Year’s Day. I’m a doubter so I’ll let ‘ya know how it turns out!
Ann F. December 30, 2018
Can this be adapted for an Instapot and how?
Ali W. December 27, 2018
Hi all! In the spirit of the holidays, why don't we all put down our sharp words and go find some new awesome things to cook! Happy New Year!
Amy December 31, 2018
Thank you. Snark begone from all of us. Life is short enough.
janet T. December 27, 2018
Carol A., I get tired of being referred to as a food snob, because I prefer to prepare meals from fresh ingredients. I have a hard time believing that a recipe that calls for a can of Campbell’s soup can possibly be good. Food 52 is a wonderful source of recipes that are not time-consuming or complicated; and that is why I follow the website. If I wanted recipes that use a box of pudding mix and Coolwhip, I’d buy a Betty Crocker cookbook. And your degree in HomeEc. doesn’t impress me: I knew someone who had that training, and she always cooked her Thanksgiving turkey ahead of time, cut it up, froze it, and thawed it for the holiday, because that was such a ‘time-saver.” You can imagine how satisfying a meal that was.
Rob G. December 27, 2018
There's a simple way to make those referrals end janet. Stop being a food snob. Problem solved.
I use to think liver was disgusting. Then I tried some. Wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be. A tour of China wasn't completed until I tried street vendor fare among which spiders, maggots, scorpions took a bit of force on my part to not only put in my mouth, but chew and swallow.
But I drew the line while in Vietnam at balut. Nothing in the world could get me to crack open a duck egg and slurp down a partially developed baby duck, bones, beak feathers and all. Now refuse to eat that and you can be a food snob if you wish. But cream of mushroom? Face it. You're a snob.
As for your cook ahead turkey pal - bet she has made green bean casserole more than once during her time in the kitchen. But cooked frozen turkey? Talk about dry!
Mary C. December 28, 2018
Thank you, Rob. I totally agree with you. Just a plain old snob.
Smaug December 29, 2018
F52 has rather obviously been going through some conflict as to their orientation; to promote the art of the kitchen, or to offer suggestions for easy dishes for busy moms- the latter has rather obviously won out. In the past year or two the writing staff has completely turned over, and many of the most knowledgeable users who regularly commented on recipes and hotline questions have departed. It seems futile to fight it- the bigger market wins. In the meantime, the recipes have turned more and more to fast and easy creations dependent on pre mixed spice blends, canned sauces and the like, and also tend to be highly fad oriented. I tend to find a good deal of it outrageous and tone deaf, and in fact seldom look at the recipes anymore, but such is the age we live in.
Rob G. December 27, 2018
Even though I'm retired, I do like to take a break from cooking (since my husband can burn water so keep him out of the kitchen) every now and then. This looks like one I can enjoy and not feel guilty for taking a break. Thanks!
Author Comment
Eric K. December 27, 2018
Thanks, Rob. Happy Holidays.
Carol A. December 27, 2018
Food snobs like Janet T. please go away.
I have a degree in Home Ec. and have worked as an editor for 2 national magazines.
After work I am often too tired to cook. I appreciate a short cut if the result is this good.
Thanks for a great recipe Eric!
Kevin December 27, 2018
I, too, use bouillon in place of the water, hate onions so don't use them, use portabellos (careful, more flavorful than their younger kin, the white mushrooms, but maybe too flavorful for some), add a tsp of Dave's Hot Sauce, and a dab more sour cream can't hurt.
Kevin December 27, 2018
I love stroganoff. I too add beef bouillon in lieu of the water, hate onions so I skip them, and find cremini mushrooms bland so substitute portabellos (which some people would find TOO flavorful). A dab more sour cream can never hurt, and I add a tsp of Dave's Hot Sauce.
Smaug December 29, 2018
Criminis and portabellas are actually the same mushroom.
Betsy O. December 30, 2018
The difference in these mushrooms is the aging time. That’s why portabellas have more flavor.
Danielle December 23, 2018
This recipe makes me so happy!! It was so easy to make, and it was delicious!! I have very little experience with slow cooker recipes and was skeptical this would taste very good with no pre-browning and so few ingredients, and I couldn’t have been more mistaken. We’re not big meat eaters so I used less meat, and it still suited us just fine. Half of us chose rice, half chose noodles, all were happy. Our supermarket makes its own organic version of cream of mushroom soup, I was pleased to find, made only with water, mushrooms, cream, rice flour, sea salt, garlic and onion powder. So grateful for this easy weeknight / easy drop off for a friend / work potluck winner!!
Author Comment
Eric K. December 27, 2018
Aw, so glad to hear.
Lenny P. November 23, 2018
I enjoyed this dish BUT IMO it requires some additional seasoning. I added maybe a half teaspoon of red pepper flakes and maybe a tablespoon (maybe more) of coarse kosher salt, a few extra dashes of the Worcestershire, oh and of lots and lots of fresh ground pepper. Simple, easy, and tasty.
Joy W. November 2, 2018
I don't understand all the great reviews on this recipe. I made this last night. The meat was tough and the overall flavor was of too much onion. SMH.
Mandy S. October 21, 2018
Loved it. Very tasty and easy, sometimes you need a little shortcut to get through a hectic night schedule. Delish!
Author Comment
Eric K. October 21, 2018
Mandy S. October 22, 2018
Also recommended to friends and they can’t wait to try too. It was excellent with no modifications. Always looking for good slow cooker recipes.
Al B. October 17, 2018
I make Crockpot stroganoff all the time. I use a jar of "Heinz savory beef" gravy instead of soup mix. I also brown the meat in a red wine, before putting in "pot" (wine and all). A variation I also use is, London broil, I cut up, and mix with chuck.
Author Comment
Eric K. October 21, 2018
Heinz savory beef! Love the stuff.
Mersey October 16, 2018
I would like to try this recipe but i don't use canned soups. Can you please suggest an alternative?