Ice Cream and Salad Pre-Launch

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Meet our Newest Cookbooks!

In our new books (there are two!), salads are mighty enough to be a whole meal, and homemade ice cream is so low-fuss and fun-loving, it has lots of friends: homemade cones, magic shell, something called spoom, and you! We're bursting with excitement, lettuce, and sprinkles to tell you all about them: Mighty Salads and Ice Cream & Friends, out now.

Snag Your Signed & Stamped Copies

The first 500 copies of Ice Cream & Friends are signed by Food52's co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, and every copy after that has been lovingly hand-stamped by the editors with a design made by our Chief Doodler, who is also our Senior Staff Writer, Sarah Jampel. (And every copy of Mighty Salads will come hand-stamped, too!)
Just a little extra love, from us to you.

Book plates hand-stamped with our sweet little doodles! Photo by Ali Slagle

Take a Look Around

Salad, ice cream (feel free to eat the ice cream first).
The Food52 Editors

Us editors—known as Team Salad around the office for our weekly, fridge-clean-out salads—had so much fun (too much fun?) bringing our community’s surprising, delightful recipes and bright ideas together in these cookbooks. What you’ll get in both Mighty Salads and Ice Cream & Friends—besides our fantastic sense of humor:

  • Sixty recipes: 30 are greatest hits from the site, embellished with tips and variations from us—and the other 30 are totally new, dreamt up by two whiz-bang, longtime Food52 community members: Cristina Sciarra, ice cream aficionado, and Emily Connor, salad whisperer.
  • Based on the Genius Recipes column, Genius tips throughout from the great minds in the food world. Want to know how to fix a curdled ice cream base, or keep an avocado from browning? We have you covered.
  • Every recipe's got a photo or two. Eating all the ice cream was a tough job, but we had to do it.
  • Cheers and suggestions for playtime—once you know the ropes (and that messing up salad and ice cream is pretty hard to do), why listen to us?

Get Equipped

Photo by James Ransom

Salad for Dinner

Some salads taste best from a bowl on the couch, while others want to lounge on a long platter. Be nice to your salad, and it'll be nice to you.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Ice Cream & Accessories

Get the scoop—and the bowls and spoons for what will become regular ice cream socials.

Get the Whole Food52 Cookbook Collection

the people have spoken! (and they love our books)

The reviews are coming in, and it's good news—people are wild about Ice Cream & Friends and Mighty Salads! Check out some of our latest and greatest press, below.

Cooking the Books

Use the hashtags #icecreamfriends and #mightysalads to share your mighty salads and friendly ice creams, and we'll repost our favorites!

Whether you’re looking for a one-plate mighty meal or a jumping off point for some vegetable-centric culinary experimentation, you’ll find it here.
JESSICA KOSLOW, owner of Sqirl and author of Everything I Want to Eat

Ice cream is my life and Food52 really knows their frozen stuff. This book isn’t cutesy and it’s not snore-inducing science-y either.
BROOKS HEADLEY, chef/owner of Superiority Burger and author of Fancy Desserts