Two excellent spreads.

Your toast just got better. These are two of our favorite jams from a small-batch producer, handmade on Orcas Island (6 ounces each):

  • Quince Marmalade: A nod to ‘the first fruit’ and the origin of ‘marmalade’, this classic preserve deserves a renaissance. Use it as you would any marmalade (as a dipping sauce, alongside sheep's milk cheese, or in a rich mostarda by adding a few tablespoons of dry mustard to a jar and serving with meat). Soft but textured, this marmalade is made using classic French techniques, including a long soak to draw out the most from the fruit's juices. They are equally at home on toast, dessert, cheese, or straight from the spoon (the way preserves were originally enjoyed).
  • Pink Bartlett Pear Preserve: Crafted with Orcas Island Bartlett pears and gently spiced with a pinch of pink peppercorn, this simple, highly concentrated pear paste is beautiful with blue cheese, cheddars and goat cheese. It's a cutting preserve in the ‘membrillo’ style -- a highly concentrated fruit puree that you can slice a knife through. They don't add pectin, but instead rely solely on the magic of fruit, sugar, time and evaporation to concentrate these preserves.