Leak-proof, life-proof.

Pack away leftovers, throw them in your purse or bag, and don't worry about spills or leaks with these round airtight stainless steel storage containers. Their sleek, retro looks put your takeout container "tupperware" to shame, and in 5 sizes, there's always one that's a perfect fit. You can even freeze meals in them, and reheat in the oven (just remember to remove the lid!) Each container has three clips attached to the bottom that keep the lid (lined with a silicone seal) on tight. Choose from a set of all 5 sizes, a set of the 3 smallest sizes, or a set of the 2 largest sizes.

Set of 3 Small includes one of each: 3.125" in diameter x 2" H (holds 4.7 ounces), 4" in diameter x 2.06" H (holds 10.4 ounces), and 4.75" in diameter x 2.4" H (holds 24 ounces); Set of 2 Large includes one of each: 5.5" in diameter x 3.375" H (holds 37 ounces) and 6.25" in diameter x 3.75" H (holds 52.8 ounces). Set of all 5 includes one of each aforementioned size.