Real kitchen tools, just for kids.

The kids have mastered stirring the batter. Now they’re ready for a real set of pint-sized tools. With this handy lineup—which, fun fact, was dubbed the best chef knife set for small children by America's Test Kitchen—your little chef will get everything they need to slice and dice safely. It's tailor-made for kiddos ages 5 to 10 (and after all that food prep, they just might want to start eating more veggies, too).

  • 4" kitchen knife: This slicer has a stainless steel blade that'll stand the test of time, plus a built-in safety ring to teach 'em proper hand positioning when cutting vegetables.
  • Peeler: This peeling pal also has a finger ring that helps your little ones smoothly pull across the surface of veggies and fruit.
  • Finger guard: This one holds food securely while they cut—and protects their knuckles, too.

Add the cute-as-can-be apron if you fancy, and they’ll be all set for their culinary adventures.