A 100-year-old secret-formula do-everything household soap.

For over 110 years, the Marius Fabre soap company has been using a closely-guarded secret formula to produce their famous black olive oil soap—and are still the only company to do so. From their factory in Provence, Marius Fabre bakes their soap in cauldrons (yes, the witch-y kind) to produce its black color and viscous quality.

Use this vegetable-based, solvent-free, and 100% organic soap for your dishes and so much more. Dilute with water and clean your tiled floors, remove grease from your countertops and stovetops, clean windows, and use it as a stain remover on tablecloths and other table linens. As an added bonus, the olive oil nourishes your hands while you clean, unlike other household cleaning products that can strip your skin of moisture. The soap is very concentrated, so a little goes a really long way. There's no added fragrance and the soap smells intensely olive-y with earthy notes of tree sap.

When you’ve pumped your way through your 500 ml bottle, our 1 liter refill (that’s two more bottles’ worth) will have you back to scrubbing!