Grocery bagger.

Rugged tan canvas bags stand-in for your run-of-the-mill paper grocery sacks. They’re inspired by their paper counterparts’ looks, but are so much sturdier, and so much better for the environment!

There’s a size to suit all of your shopping needs, no matter how specialized. The Wine, Bread, & Baguette bags include a two-handled version perfect for a wine bottle, a sack for a crusty campagne, and a baguette-sized bag for just that! The Market bags are two-handled, have a rectangular base to sit them up straight, and are all-purpose for big and little grocery runs: The smaller of the two sizes will tote a dozen apples and the larger is similar in size to a traditional paper grocery bag. They're all machine washable—toss them in for a refresh!

Choose from a set of the Wine, Bread, & Baguette bags, a set of the Petit Market & Market bags, or a set of all 5!

Wine bag is 6" W x 15.5" L; Bread bag is 7" W x 15.5 " L; Baguette bag is 3.75" W x 19" L; Petit Market bag is 9.75" W x 11.75" L; Market bag is 13" W x 21" L