The golden brown touch.

Staub, makers of our cast iron cookware favorites, make ceramics, too—and they are as durable, high-performing, and beautiful as their cast iron counterparts! Staub’s ceramics are finished by hand—trimmed, polished, and glazed for amazing precision and consistency. Each piece is fired not once, but twice, to give it extra defense against cracking. The enamel finish, one of Staub’s signatures, gleams and gracefully transitions from oven to table.

An amazing food discovery: just about anything can be gratin-ed. Potatoes, chard, butternut squash—you name it. Just add cheese and cream, then bake ‘til bubbly. Our gratin vessel of choice? These oval ceramic baking dishes (also good for anything else that needs a golden, crusty top—casseroles, baked chicken…). Say cheese!

Cook the photo: the recipe for Butternut Squash, Brussels Spout and Bread Stuffing, here..

6.5" Baking Dish is 6.5" L (8.6" with handles) x 5" W x 1.8" H; 9" Baking Dish** is 9" L (11.2" with handles) x 6.9" W x 2.2" H; 11" Baking Dis is 11" L (13.9" with handles) x 8.7" W x 2.6" H; 14.5" Baking Dish is 14.5" L (17.7" with handles) x 10.8" W x 3" H