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We've scoured the food world to find you the best, most useful provisions for your kitchen and home. The result? Better kitchens for everyone.
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1.0 Star
So disappointed!
Ordered on a Friday, charged 9dollars shipping, was supposed to arrive following Wednesday (crazy slow these days) and was then notified it was going to be Friday. Ordered for an out of town birthday celebration. I was leaving Thursday. So customer service was nice, but don’t have cards and am still frustrated. Am in mountains with no printer, so have no gift for this celebration. Terrible and outdated shipping. Such a great site and so behind the times in that area.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 8/10/2019 Reviewed by: Diana Option: $50
5.0 Stars
Great Gift
Food52 gift cards make great gifts. They are easy to purchase and who wouldn't want a Food52 shopping spree? I just wish you could receive them electronically.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 12/15/2018 Reviewed by: Heidi Option: $50

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