Work those angles.

Put away your calculators, your rulers, and especially your 8th-grade math textbook. Then allow this exclusive-to-us board to be your trusty meal-prep guide. It's equipped with inch marks along the side, a conversion chart that'll answer all your measuring questions, and even a circle in the middle (but we'll get to that later). Now, grab your veggies and your favorite knife, because you're about to make cubes, matchsticks, and half-circles so spot-on your friends might ask if you attended cooking school when they weren't looking. Then, use the pastry guide to roll out some perfectly-uniform pie dough for dessert (that's where the circle comes in handy). It'll even flip to do double duty as a serving board, too. All done? Let the dishwasher handle the rest, serve yourself a slice, and then give yourself a pat on the back.