Yep...still fresh.

See ya, loud and bulky vacuum sealers—there’s a new lineup in town. This food storage system makes it a snap to store your produce and leftovers, then have ‘em last up to 5 times longer (no more wilty greens!). The sealer has a teensy footprint for no-fuss storage, and it’ll charge up again and again with the included USB cable. It’s bringing along a few friends while it’s at it: two stackable glass containers and four reusable plastic bags (which, tip, are total pros at sous-vide). They’re all microwave-safe, and they’ll send freezer burn packing, too. Oh, and bonus: The containers are dishwasher-friendly...and you could even slide that glass right into the oven. Ready to get storing? Simply set the sealer on the valve, press the button, and let it handle the’ll even stop on its own. Then, go ahead and marvel at how long your foods stay fresh-as-can-be.