Roll up your sleeves.

  • You’re in control: The tapered shape makes it a snap to apply just the right amount of pressure as you work those angles.
  • Very versatile: This multitasker tackles pie crust, cookie dough, soft breads, you name it (and did we mention it comes in two handy sizes?).
  • A just-right weight: It’s heavy enough for no-fuss rolling, yet light enough for snappy maneuvering.
  • Flour ready: This one’s got a lil’ texture to it, so it’ll hold a dusting of flour better than any other pin you’ve met.
  • Locally crafted: That natural look? It’s sturdy North American hardwood, hand-shaped and finished in Vermont.

Now, if you’ll excuse us...we’ve got to decide which of these eye-catching tarts to bake up first.