Our 88 Best Pie Recipes of All Time

A pie for every filling, season, and mood.

July 27, 2023
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Let's be real: Pie is definitely, objectively, without question, the greatest dish on any dessert table. The best pie recipes have a flaky, rich crust; a thick, flavorful filling; and a triumphant topping, whether it be a shiny double crust, intricate lattice top, butter-smooth meringue, or crispy crumble.

Pie is also good all year-round, with the ability to harness summer's juiciest peaches, autumn's crispest apples, and all of the nuts and custards in between. You can let it set in the fridge for a cooling treat, or eat a slice basically straight out of the oven, still warm enough to melt a scoop of vanilla ice cream. After all, we have heard it is a federal crime to not eat a slice of warm apple pie or pecan pie without a scoop of ice cream (and preferably a dollop of fresh whipped cream, too). Kidding, but who knows? Maybe it will be a measure added to ballots this fall. If so, it has our full support.

Pie merits a course of its own during Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday feasts. It's the centerpiece at 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations alike. You can eat it savory or sweet. Chicken pot pie or shepherd's pie for dinner, followed by, oh I don't know, perhaps a lovely lemon meringue pie? You can make it dead simple or extra fancy. Pie is the most versatile sweet out there. Pie is life!

To celebrate the wonder that is pie, we're giving you our 88—yes, 88!—best pie recipes for every filling, season, and mood. Happy baking (and even happier eating).

Apple Pies

1. Truly Scrumptious Apple Pie

If you're looking for an all-star apple pie, then look no further than this "truly scrumptious" version that delivers on its name. Every bite is layered with the textures and flavors of three different types of apples, plus a generously flaky pie crust that's worth making from scratch.

2. Apple Butter Pie

This pie's three-ingredient pie filling—just quality apple butter, eggs, and brown sugar—is a godsend for anyone who doesn't want to spend the whole afternoon peeling, coring, and chopping up fresh apples.

3. Brown Butter & Cheddar Apple Pie

This contest finalist for "Your Best Autumn Pie" treats orchard-fresh apples just as they should be: like the star of the show, coated only in toasty brown butter and a sprinkling of sugar. And don't expect a cheesy crust—the grated sharp cheddar adds a muted burst of flavor that complements the pie's sweetness, but doesn't overpower.

4. Brûléed Apple Butter Pie

Apple pie meets cheesecake and crème brûlée in this smooth and creamy concoction from Peruvian-born, Amsterdam-based food blogger Cravings in Amsterdam.

5. Almond Apple Pie

A thin layer of almond paste, which you can make from scratch or buy, between this pie's crust and filling serves two very important purposes: It not only brings an extra layer of nutty, sugary flavor, but also keeps the bottom pie crust from getting overly soggy.

6. Cider Caramel Apple Pie

According to certified Pie Pro® Erin McDowell (this won't be the last pie of hers you'll see on this list), this cider caramel number has everything you could want: "a bright, intensely apple flavor; a hint of sweetness that has that characteristic caramel flavor; a little bit of salt to tie it all together; and (of course) a tender, flaky crust encasing the whole thing."

7. Mixed Apple Pie With Hazelnut Crumb Crust & Maple Cream

To bring those quintessential cozy fall flavors up a few notches, add toasted hazelnuts and a granola-ish crust into the mix for your next apple pie.

8. Open-Faced Deep Dish Apple Pie

If you thought deep dish was just for pizza, this mound-like apple pie will make you think again. Loaded with autumn-spiced apples and topped with a crumbly oat topping, this one's sure to stand out on any Thanksgiving table.

9. No-Apple Zucchini Pie

Okay—you probably won't believe us, but this recipe tastes just like apple pie, and it's made entirely with zucchini. We were skeptical, too, but the soft-yet-crisp textures, flaky crust, and cozy spices fooled us bite after bite.

10. Apple Pie

This apple pie has everything you love about the classic (gently spiced filling, buttery crust, you get the picture) with a few new-fashioned tricks (like using the macerated apple's juices to create a silky caramel for the filling) that make it feel extra special.

Berry Pies

11. Fresh Strawberry Pie

We're thankful recipe developer Posie (Harwood) Brien stumbled across the recipe for this perfect summer pie on the back of a Land O' Lakes box. In it, you cook down half of the strawberries with sugar, cornstarch, and lemon zest and leave the other half untouched—that way, you get just the right balance of jammy and crisp, sweet-tart berries.

12. Rose Levy Beranbaum's Fresh Blueberry Pie

This blueberry pie from Rose Levy Beranbaum is probably a little bit lighter and brighter than the one you're used to, thanks to an uber-flaky single crust and a simple filling that lets the flavor of summer blueberries shine.

13. Plum & Raspberry Pie

"I may have baked this pie specifically so that I could eat pie for breakfast," says this recipe's author, fiveandspice. And honestly, we might have to as well, because making pie for breakfast means you have your priorities straight.

14. Cranberry Sage Pie

Aside from citrus, colorful fruits can be few and far between during the winter months—except for cranberries. So community member ElsenEM decided to pair them up with a classic cold-weather herb (sage) to make this holiday-ready pie.

15. Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Pie

Take traditional blueberry pie over the top by bringing tangy crème fraîche and lemon zest into the fold, along with a crunchy poppy seed streusel sprinkled above and below the filling.

16. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie

This spring- and summer-friendly pie comes to us by way of Resident Erin Jeanne McDowell. Featuring a classic, flaky bottom crust and a buttery oat crumble topping, it’s truly the best of both worlds—especially when juicy, sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb are in the mix.

17. Triple Berry "Rose" Pie

Don't let this three-berry (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) pie's rosy good looks fool you into thinking it's devoid of substance (aka lots and lots of flavor) on the inside.

Lemony & Limey Pies

18. Lemon Meringue Pie

This lemon meringue pie is a classic through and through, with a zesty, velvety lemon filling; buttery crust; and a luxuriously light and fluffy Swiss meringue dolloped over top.

19. J. Kenji López-Alt’s 10-Minute Lime Cracker Pie

Picture this: an icebox cake with all the flavors and spirit of a summery key lime pie. Oh, and also picture that it takes only 10 minutes to prepare (plus the time it takes to refrigerate). Yep, we're sold.

20. Lemon Chess Pie

You won't find a checkerboard on this lemony chess pie (chess pies are traditionally a Southern pantry pie with flour, butter, sugar, and eggs), but you will find a tangy-meets-rich custard and an all-butter crust.

21. Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie

This Genius-approved sweet-salty lemon pie just might be our most popular of all time, with just three simple steps and over 200 overwhelmingly positive reviews.

22. Key Lime Meringue Pie

Clocking in at just six ingredients, this key lime pie topped with a pillowy meringue might be basic, but it is also perfect in every way, just as it is.

23. Lemon Mascarpone Pie With Meringue Anemones

If you want to be a pie overachiever, then definitely make this Erin McDowell (remember her from up above?) lemon mascarpone pie with the prettiest little meringue flowers. Fun surprise: These require just a little bit of technique.

24. Creamy Lemon Custard Pie

If those swirly Swiss meringue peaks weren't enough to convince you to make this recipe, this pie's perfectly sweet-tart lemon custard should do the trick.

Other Fruit Pies

25. Apricot & Peach Crumb Pie

A buttery cornmeal and brown sugar crumb topping adds sweetness and texture to this simple fruit pie, which stars peaches and apricots. “Sure, I like a fresh apricot every now and then,” recipe author Yossy Arefi says, “but I think they really shine after being cooked.”

26. Masala Spiced Pear Pie

Seasoned pastry veteran janeofmanytrade loves biting into a ripe pear and letting the juices drip down her chin. But she also loves baking pears into pies, especially when "pear-ed" with spices that can keep up. “But rather than reach for the usual suspects, like cinnamon and nutmeg or perhaps ginger,” she recommends, “grab some garam masala.”

27. Banana Cream Pie

How our test kitchen nailed the classic banana cream pie: Salty, buttery Nilla wafer crust. Custardy vanilla pastry cream. All the whipped cream (spiked with sour cream for some tang).

28. Banoffee Pie

Courtesy of Gail Simmons, this creamy banoffee (banana and toffee) pie is simple but elegant—and no-bake, to boot. The only part you should plan ahead for is the homemade toffee, which you make by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk in water for 3 hours. The rest is history.

29. Peach Butter Slab “Hydrangea” Pie

“Fruit butter pies were something I started making like crazy when I lived in New York’s Hudson Valley,” pie master Erin McDowell writes. This one bakes into a gorgeous slab dotted with tiny pie-crust “blooms” that add irresistible crunch without the need to roll out another layer of dough.

30. Kumquat Shaker Pie

Also known as Ohio lemon pie, this Shaker pie has a high crust-to-filling ratio and makes use of sour-sweet kumquats and lime to achieve a balanced citrus flavor. “What you get is something in the same family as a lemon meringue or key lime pie,” Food52 user fiveandspice explains, “but with the dimmer switch thrown all the way up so that the gorgeous super-saturated sweet-tart citrus nature radiates brightly forth. Delicious, with a nice balance of sugar and acidity.”

31. Third Generation Peach Pie

“This pie is a family favorite, not just in my home, but throughout the extended branches of the family tree,” recipe author Rhonda35 writes. The latest version here, an iteration of her mother’s peach pie (which was itself an iteration of her mother’s peach pie), has a nutty spiced crumb topping instead of classic pastry, but it’s a family-favorite all the same.

32. Peach, Cherry & Mint Pie

Here’s an easy way to elevate any fruit pie: Process sugar with fresh mint, then mix that with the fruit. This recipe opts for peaches and cherries, but don’t let that stop you from doing this with apples, pears, plums, and more.

33. S’mores Banana Cream Pie

Inspired by two nostalgic favorites—banana pudding and s’mores—this pie also includes coconut for a slightly tropical vibe. The final product is summery, rich, and worthy of any celebration.

Chocolate Pies

34. Chocolate Chess Pie

What happens when you take classic chess pie and add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder? This perfectly gooey, chocolatey wonder.

35. Mallomar Pie

A take on the Nabisco cookie (which is only "in season" from September to March), Erin McDowell has created a version you can make all year round. It has everything we love about the cookie, but in pie form: "a shortbread crust, silky-smooth marshmallow, and a deep, dark chocolate glaze."

36. Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie

Oatmeal–chocolate chip cookie lovers, rejoice. "In olden days, this pie (minus the chocolate) was dubbed 'poor man's pecan pie' because oats are far less expensive than pecans," recipe author ElsenEM writes. "We up the ante by adding a decadent layer of dark chocolate ganache on the bottom."

37. Vegan Chocolate Pie

This chocolate pie from vegan expert Gena Hamshaw has a secret ingredient: silken tofu! It adds that thick, creamy texture of a classic pudding pie without the need for eggs.

38. Oreo Pie (!!!!)

If you love cookies and cream, you love cookies and cream. This pie has four exclamation points in its title for good reason. As Sarah Jampel sees it, "there is no dessert that generates as much floor-stomping, hands-waving excitement as Oreo Pie."

39. Ferrero Rocher–Style Pie

"A phyllo dough crust is the perfect substitute for the crisp, thin wafer of this classic candy," writes Erin McDowell. Ferrero Rocher fans can delight in the luscious gianduja-hazelnut filling in this pie that's finished with a milk chocolate glaze and, for good measure, toasted hazelnuts.

40. “Gala” Grasshopper Pie

Mint and chocolate is a timeless combination, and you can serve it up all sorts of ways—be it in brownies, cookies, and (of course) ice cream. This grasshopper pie almost has the best of all words, with its fluffy mint filling, minty cookie crust, and cocoa-peppermint whipped cream.

41. The Very Best German Chocolate Pie

“German Chocolate Pie is for all the chocolate, pecan, coconut lovers in the house and I am hoping there are many,” says recipe developer Jessie Sheehan of this intensely chocolatey pie. “It is fudgy, rich, and dense, with an otherworldly texture from the deeply toasted pecans and shredded coconut.”

Creamy, Custard Pies

42. Sister Pie's Salted Maple Pie

"We created our own version of a classic chess filling with robust grade B maple syrup from Imlay City, Michigan, and highlighted with local heavy cream, eggs, stone-ground yellow cornmeal, and light brown sugar," writes Detroit-based bakery, Sister Pie. "On Saturdays at the shop, we’ll buy applewood-smoked bacon from the market to crisp up in the oven right before opening. It’s a match made in pancake breakfast heaven."

43. Sour Cream-Raisin Pie

"This is a recipe that originally came from Naselle, Washington, where my stepdad lived in the '70s," says recipe author Hannah Petertil. "When he and my mom got together, he talked about few foods more often than this pie, sold at a small family-run café. Turns out the world is small and Washington state is smaller and, 10 years into their marriage, my mom ended up working with the niece of the original pie shop owner. My family put their own twist on this pie (the biggest being the removal of the meringue topping) and a new tradition was born."

44. Four & Twenty Blackbirds Matcha Custard Pie

A couple of teaspoons of gloriously green matcha powder add depth to this otherwise classic sweet custard pie. Don't forget to par-bake the crust beforehand for even cooking throughout.

45. Crème Brûlée Pie

From Erin McDowell herself: "Brûléed vanilla custard = wonderful. Rich vanilla custard inside a buttery pie crust = amazing. Brûléed vanilla custard pie = supercrazywonderfulamazing." Need we say more?

46. Maida Heatter's Rum Pie

If eggnog and pie were to have a baby, this is probably what it would look like. A little gelatin and five egg yolks help set this beautifully simple, rum-flavored custard.

47. 1975 Dick Taeuber’s Brandy Alexander Pie

In the 1970s, brandy Alexander pie was one of The Times' most-requested dessert recipes, according to Amanda Hesser. "The chiffon filling will be fluffier if you let the egg whites come to room temperature before whipping," Hesser advises. "Be careful not to chill the base too much or the filling will be lumpy."

48. French Silk Pie With Chocolate-Coffee (Grounds) Crust

Coffee-infused cream, a chocolate cookie and coffee crust, and luscious chocolate custard come together in this silky pie. Better yet, this recipe scrappily makes use of an ingredient we often overlook, and even throw away—coffee grounds! It's a total win.

49. Ube Pie From Kimberly Camara

“This pie recipe ups the ante [by] highlighting ube, a vibrant purple yam native to the Philippines that I grew up eating in all sorts of Filipino desserts,” writes Kimberly Camara. “It's a colorful alternative to a sweet potato or pumpkin pie, consisting of a flaky, buttery crust, a rich, velvety custard, freshly whipped cream, and purple yam chips for a perfectly subtle crunch.”

50. Best Sugar Cream Pie

“Unless you’re from the Midwest, you may not have heard of sugar cream pie,” writes recipe developer Alexis deBoschnek. “Also known as Hoosier or desperation pie, this sweet treat holds the unofficial title of Indiana’s state pie. It’s said that the Shaker communities developed this recipe in the early 1800s when they didn’t have fresh fruit but had plenty of dairy to use up.”

51. Wet Bottom Shoofly Pie

Here's Lizthechef's family story behind this heirloom recipe: "As a young bride from New York City transplanted to Lebanon, PA, my mother was slow to embrace Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Nonetheless, over the years she developed this delicious recipe that still gets a laugh when I refer to it by name. A classic Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, it schmeckt gut (tastes good)!"

Pumpkin Pies

52. Yankee Magazine’s Pumpkin Pie With Pecan Crunch

Really and truly, the only way to make pumpkin pie even better is to add a sticky, caramelly pecan pie on top, and that's what Yankee Magazine gives us with this recipe. You're welcome.

53. Pumpkin Pie Crumble

Part shortbread, part pumpkin pie, part pecan-laden crumble, this dessert does it all. As one reviewer notes, this is a pie "for people who like a traditional pumpkin pie with a little twist." We can think of one someone like that (raises hand).

54. Buttermilk Sweet Potato Pie

Kind of like a pumpkin pie, but not quite, this sweet potato pie is starchier and more savory and utterly delicious. Pie guru Erin McDowell does it again with this simple recipe, which has a tangy buttermilk-custard filling and makes great use of an all-butter crust.

55. Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving tradition, but this recipe by Meta Given is anything but traditional—in a good way! Notably, you caramelize the pumpkin purée for intensely pumpkiny flavor, without relying on warming spices to perk it up. That alone would be enough, but there's more: You don't have to blind-bake the crust, nor do you need evaporated milk in the filling (just real cream and milk). Everything bakes at an extremely high temp in just 25 minutes. This will be your new go-to pumpkin pie recipe, guaranteed.

56. James Beard's Rich Pumpkin Pie

A creamy pumpkin pie with plenty of candied ginger flecked throughout, and a hint of Cognac in the mix to give the filling a kick? We'll take it—thank you, James Beard.

57. Pumpkin & Tahini Pie With Chocolate Pie Crust

Tahini, or sesame paste, is one of our go-to moves when we need to add a little creaminess, nuttiness, richness, or je ne sais quoi–ness to just about anything—and pumpkin pie is no exception. Here, recipe author Grant Melton pairs tahini with pumpkin purée and some spices for a savory-sweet kind of filling. All this goes on top of a flaky, deeply chocolatey crust for even more flair.

58. Pumpkin Cream Pie

If you're looking for something a little fluffier and more mousse-like than classic pumpkin pie, look no further. Food52 Food Editor Emma Laperruque layers cloudlike pumpkin pastry cream with sweetened, sour cream–tinged whipped cream over a crunchy gingersnap crust, to excellent effect. We'll take another slice, please.

Nutty Pies

59. Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie's a favorite in our book, but oftentimes it can be a bit stodgy and cloying. A few smart pinches of salt and deep, slightly bitter, earthy cocoa powder offset the sugar here, making for a complex and ridiculously flavorful riff on the original.

60. Pistachio-Blackberry Pie

A sweet, custardy filling and tender milk-based dough perfectly tie together the unconventional pairing of blackberries and pistachios in this pie—and we're very glad for it. All hail recipe author (and avid baker) MarieGlobetrotter.

61. Spiced Maple Pecan Pie With Star Anise

Our co-founder Merrill Stubbs (who got this recipe from cookbook author Melissa Clark) finds the resulting pie spicy, maple-y, and just a little bit wild. The best part, though? It's fuss-free, with an easy-to-handle dough.

62. Peanut Butter Cream Pie

This no-bake peanut butter pie made recipe author Carlos Olaechea stop hating peanut butter—it's that good! It's got a buttery graham cracker crust and a crunchy praline topping, in case you needed any more convincing.

63. Tahini Mousse Pie

Blogger Danielle Oron may not eat oysters, but she certainly loves tahini—and we're with her. Here, she whips up an airy, nutty mousse on top of a chocolate wafer crust and garnishes the whole thing with halva, black sesame seeds, sea salt, and caramelly date syrup. Swoon.

64. Craig & Kathleen Claiborne's Mississippi Pecan Pie

Another pecan pie, this time from New York Times Cookbook mastermind Craig Claiborne (well, Craig's mother, to be exact). Aside from being "sweet but not too sweet" and also "less jiggly" than most, it's got a seal of approval from our community, too.

65. Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie

All the flavors from our childhood-favorite sandwich, only in a pie—even better! Thanks, Erin McDowell; we really owe you one for carrying this list. Mousse-like peanut butter custard is layered over a sweet-salty graham crust (made with graham flour and not crackers, so it's less crumbly and has more stability). Then, the whole thing gets glazed with a jelly of your choosing. (We'll go for strawberry.)

66. Salted Peanut Butter Pie With Ritz Cracker Crust

This. Pie. It's good for many, many reasons, like the fact that it has only five ingredients, one of them is buttery Ritz crackers, and its filling is basically a cross between a gooey blondie and a thick chunk of peanut butter fudge. But we like it most of all because of the crunchy, flaky salt that's tossed with near-reckless abandon all over the top, mimicking crunchy peanut butter eaten straight from a jar.

67. Coconuttiest Coconut Cream Pie

We know, it's not technically a nut—but it's close enough! And this pie by Emma Laperruque is the very coconuttiest one we know. Here, coconut's featured four ways: in the shortbread crust, in the coconut pastry cream filling, in the coconut whipped cream topping, and in the crisped-up coconut flakes showered over it all.

68. Coconut Pie

Here's a more traditional take on coconut cream pie, in case the last one was a little nutty (sorry, not sorry). The Food52 editors loved this one because it's "rich but not heavy, sweet but not cloying" and because it ostensibly "has it all—from a layer of almost caramelized coconut pudding to the light whipped cream, the toasted flakes of coconut on top, and the pecan-cookie crust that holds it all together."

69. Butterscotch-Pecan Pie

There's a story behind every recipe, but the one surrounding this butterscotch-pecan pie is especially remarkable.

Slab Pies

70. Martha Stewart's Slab Pie

Consider this slab pie a template for your favorite fruit, or whatever's in season.

71. S’mores Pop-Tart Slab Pie

A weekend project sort of pie, but one that rewards you with a flaky crust, chocolatey filling, and so much homemade marshmallow fluff.

72. Blueberry & Rye Slab Pie

Adding rye flour to pie dough turns it into something infinitely more nutty, complex, and grainy. We love how this plays off sweet, juicy fruit, like blueberries.

73. Strawberry Pop-Tart Slab Pie

Why have a personal-sized Pop-Tart when you could have a sheet pan–sized one? This cheeky recipe has a gooey strawberry filling, milky glaze, and rainbow sprinkles for good measure.

Savory Pies for Dinner

74. Mollie Katzen's Mushroom Yogurt Pie With Spinach Crust

Bonus category—savory pies! They're good and we like them. Mollie Katzen's mushroomy pie with a greener-than-green crust is no exception. This totally meatless main "will feel substantial enough to make the vegetarians feel special, but you might need to make extra for the omnivores." Into that, for sure.

75. Sue Lyons' Tomato Pie

Tomato pie can mean a lot of things—a type of pizza, a mayonnaise-laden mixture from the South, and this jammy, cheesy, out-of-this-world dish. A mustardy crust and a good bit of herb action in the filling take this one to a whole new level.

76. Sausage & Apple Pie

Sausage, apples, and rosemary are an age-old cold-weather combination. Put them between layers of flaky, savory crust (which sops up all the delicious apple juices, don't you know), and you pretty much have it made.

77. Thanksgiving Root Vegetable Pie

All the flavors of Thanksgiving, baked very efficiently into an unbelievably delicious vegetarian pie. You can make most of the components ahead of time, too, so all you have to do on Turkey Root Vegetable Pie Day is assemble and bake.

78. Spiced Lamb Pie

Recipe author Phyllis Grant warns that this tomatoey lamb pie is rich: "You don't drain the fat from the lamb (but you can if you want). You line the interior with cheddar cheese. You use a butter crust. So make sure you cut the fat by serving the pie with something refreshing." Yogurt or pomegranate arils are Phyllis' suggestions.

79. Nonnie's Tomato Pie

See! Told you tomato pie can mean a few different things. This one's the mayonnaise-based, chock-full-of-tomato-and-bacon kind that we mentioned above, from Food52er Oui, Chef's mom. One reviewer mentioned that this pie is "not for the faint-of-tomato heart"—which means it's just right for us.

80. Curried Kale, Pumpkin & Potato Pie

This deep-dish looker is packed to the brim with richly spiced, coconutty vegetables. A sturdy hot water crust helps seal everything into a pretty package. And once you cut in, the colorful layered result is extra-pleasing.

81. Chicken Pot Pie

Our test kitchen’s go-to chicken pot pie recipe has a buttery crust and savory, creamy filling, with rotisserie chicken (juicy meat! varnished skin! convenience!) plus lots of vegetables, like carrots, onions, and peas.

82. Best Quiche

This quiche has an ultra-flaky crust (thanks to both butter and cream cheese) and foolproof silky custard (thanks to a low oven temperature and smidgen of flour mixed in with the eggs). Best part? You can customize the mix-ins however you'd like.

83. Peruvian Swiss Chard Pie

An adaptation of the traditional Italian-Peruvian Swiss chard pie called pastel de acelga (you might hear it referred to as torta pascualina in countries like Argentina and Uruguay), this is one savory pie you'll want seconds (and thirds) of.

84. Shepherd's Pie

A cold-weather classic comfort food, this pie recipe serves meat and potatoes all in one convenient casserole dish.

85. Balkan Lamb and Leek Pie

"Call it pita, banitsa, or zelnik, the people of the Balkans love their filled phyllo pies. Cheese, leeks, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, apple, or meat fill these," writes recipe developer and community member inpatskitchen. This savory pie recipe calls for lamb and leeks, but make it your own with whatever meat and vegetables that you please.

86. Chickpea Pot Pie

For vegetarians, this chickpea-based pot pie recipe is just as savory and comforting as a chicken or beef version. To give the vegetables and legumes even more flavor, recipe developer and former Food52 Food Editor Emma Laperruque added white miso paste and a vegetable-based bouillon cube to the mixture.

87. One-Skillet Succotash Pot Pie

Instead of preparing the pie dough and pie filling in separate mixing bowls, this one-skillet pie eliminates numerous dirty dishes and streamlines the cooking process. Plus, it can be prepared and baked all in under an hour, which is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner.

88. New Zealand-Style Beef & Cheddar Pies

How cute are these miniature beef pies? One pound of lean ground beef is mixed with thick, dark gravy and interspersed with pockets of ooey-gooey white cheddar cheese. It's a delicious taste from the (other) land down under.

This article was originally published in 2019 but was updated with even more of our favorite pie recipes in July 2023.

What's your favorite type of pie to make? Let us know in the comments!
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Amy B. July 31, 2023
Among the savories, where oh where is New England fish pie, or seafood pie, and their regional iterations? Food 52, you've let me down.
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I love pie, both sweet and savory, but my absolute favorite pie is the black bottom pie from Cross Creek Cookery.

It must have the ginger snap crust.
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I love you guys!
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Wow, so many great looking/sounding recipes on that list! Pie is my favorite... any pie, nutty, creamy, chocolate, citrusy, all the pie. I couldn’t possibly pick just one. Pie is my go-to dessert to make and to eat. Thank you for such a great post with a great round-up of recipes. I look forward to trying quite a few on the list.
Allen September 20, 2020
Perfect post - lots of ideas I wanted and some I didn't know until now that I wanted...This will definitely be saved and referred to, oh, I don't know, maybe 79 more times...:-) I suspect many will make their way to my soon-to-be pie shop. I agree that a rhubarb is missed, but, even more important, you left out Food52's very own "best of" coconut pie recipe which gets nothing but raves every time I make it - people that don't like coconut cream pie (including me) like this pie - y'all look it up - and thank you for 79 more great ideas!
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What, no rhubarb pie? These all look great but I’m forever looking for more rhubarb options!
judy December 2, 2019
This is a GREAT post. I have actually tried a number of these pies, and for the most part they are great. for me the difficulty is the crust--always soggy. The one recipe missing is pumpkin cobbler. It is GENUiS. The Crust is laid out in spices across the top of the custard. ( I use 4 eggs instead of 6 and some extra spice and vanilla but otherwise follow exactly). I put the crust on top about 1/2way through the baking, and no more soggy crust.I bakes beautiful. I have since used hat with many other pies calling for crust. Top crust only and across the top about 1/2 way through baking. No burned rims, nice and flaky and light. So it should be added to this list. But great list of great pies.
Melissa C. July 25, 2019
Well I know what I’m doing for the rest of my life, making pies!

I love love love Food52! Any thoughts on an app?
Lauren L. July 22, 2019
This is the best post I have ever seen on this site. 🥧 🥧🥧
Brinda A. July 25, 2019
Wow, Lauren, that's saying so much—thank you for reading! Hope this portends a lot of pies in your future.