Meet your faithful sidekick for all things baking—it might even become your go-to work surface.

Fuss-free, platinum-grade silicone: That nonstick material effortlessly releases sticky dough yet won’t slip around while protecting countertops. It’s also heat safe up to 550°F, hops happily into the dishwasher, and rolls right up for storage.

Diameter guides & rulers: No need for eyeballing—our mat has built-in measurement markers. Roll out a pie crust sized just right for your baking dish, or cut perfectly square brownies (in inches or centimeters, your choice).

Chock full of conversion charts: How many grams is 4 tablespoons of butter? What’s 400° Fahrenheit in Celsius? This handy helper has the answers, plus tables for liquids and weight.

Food52’s top tips: For anyone who’s struggled with cracked or sticky dough and other baking pitfalls (raises hand), we included a few top pointers that we picked up over the years.

All Buttah Pie Dough recipe: The key to an A+ crust is in the techniques, which are all explained in this classic recipe by Food52 Resident Baking BFF Jeanne McDowell.