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Baking Cookies and Convection Ovens

What is the concensus on baking cookies in a convention oven? I use convention for roasting chicken and sometimes pork loin, but I turn down the temperature to prevent scorching or drying out. I am afraid to experiment with cookies because I may end up ruining the batch.

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Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

added over 1 year ago

Many bakeries use convection ovens, so it's ok to bake your cookies in a convection oven. I always turn my oven down 25 degrees when using the convection feature. Try this, and keep an eye on them. If the recipe says to bake for 15 minutes, I'd check them at 8 minutes. Once you get a successful batch, the rest will be a snap. Good luck!

Gourmet Metrics added over 1 year ago

Thanks Amanda. The next time I do a batch I will give convection a try.

Maedl added over 1 year ago

I bake cokies in a convection oven--I can't figure out how to turn off the fan, so I have no choice. almost all cookies have turned out fine--even macarons.. The only problem has been with Springerle, which puff up considerably and are rather delicate. The first time I tried them in this oven, they all flopped over to one side. Now when I bake them, I build an edge to the cookie sheet with foil to protect the cookies from the air current and it works nicely.

Sam1148 added over 1 year ago

It's all going to depend on the oven. Mine has a convection setting...but still the cookies needs to be turned mid way---the "convention" element is at the back of the oven with a fan...so the back side gets a more direct hot air blast. On my oven the the 'convection setting' fires up the element on the fan and bottom element stops. (or does some micro-logic trick).

What I do for cookies is start with conventional..and then midway switch to convention.. to avoid burned bottoms.

Sounds like Maedl has a similar problem with the convection setting; with hot air blast on one side.

Gourmet Metrics added over 1 year ago

Thanks Maedl and Sam1148 for you observations. I really like the idea of switching half way through.

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