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Urgent! can you makee the peach tart a day ahead?

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ATG117 added 10 months ago

yes, but if you really value an un-soggy crust, you may want to prepare the filling and the crust the day before and then bake them off together on the day of.

Hilarybee added 10 months ago

I think it depends on how the tart is prepared. If it's a fresh peach tart- and the peach slices are on top of a pastry cream or whipped topping, you should prepare all of the components a day ahead. Then the day of, bake off the tart crust, allow to cool and assemble it. If you are baking the peaches in the crust, I would par-bake the crust. Then assemble and bake. Peaches are very juicy, and as ATG117 you will risk a soggy bottom.

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