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Impulsively bought way too much corn at the farmer's market -- how log will it last and what's the best way to store it?

asked by Brette Warshaw about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

It will stay fresh in the fridge for 1-2 days but you can also freeze it. Here's a site that explains how:

added about 2 years ago

Blanch it ASAP. Then freeze what you're not going to eat in the next couple days. Corn is something you have to move very quickly with or it will turn to starch instead of sweet corny goodness.

added about 2 years ago

When I say blanch, I mean remove all the husk and brush it down to remove as much of the silk you can from the ears. We usually do this on newspaper outside because it'll get messy. :)
Then do your boil and ice bath. If you we're wanting to grill some with the husk tonight or tomorrow, peel the husk back without removing it completely and then brush all the silks off of the ear and fold the husk back up. Since you're not blanching those, you'll want to stick them in the fridge until you use them (the sooner the better, again).

added about 2 years ago

I don't know how much is too much ( I routinely eat 3 ears a day this time of the year) but boiled and stored in the fridge in the boiling water (cooled) it will keep for 5 days. I briefly microwave each ear before eating it and apply butter and salt. Whatever you do, don't just let it sit as is though. By the third day, it will be really starchy and tough.

added about 2 years ago

Depends what you're wanting to do with it. If you're going to use it in a cooked recipe, just wrap the unshucked ears and stick them in the freezer. Sometimes they fare well and can still be grilled or boiled for eating off the cob. sometimes not. But corn is pretty sturdy, each little kernel has it's very own skin, a pretty tough skin, so it really does last well for several days in the fridge or for longer in the freezer.

added about 2 years ago

There is no such thing as too much corn on the cob in July! What I wouldn't give for some of those ears. Instead of freezing it, try drying it. You can save it to use in the fall and winter and remember those lovely summer days. Here's how:

added about 2 years ago

You could always can some chow chow and then you'd have corn all year!


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added about 2 years ago

I hate to push up a 'product' but the 'food saver' is great for corn on the cob. Shuck the corn and parboil then freeze the cobs and put them bags and vac pack them with some frozen herb butter; When 'boiled in the bag' (IT's SOUS VIDE!!) they're super fresh tasting.

Nothing, no storage method will save 'horse corn feed corn' type dried out corn into fresh corn on the cob unless you have a pet pig.