A Good Kind of Salad Bar Lunch

April 10, 2014

Every week we take a peek inside the lunches of the luckiest kids in Brooklyn. Read on, suppress your jealousy, and get a little brown bag inspiration. 

Amanda's Kids' Lunch from Food52

I didn't mean for today's lunch to feel like a salad bar buffet, but sometimes these things happen. There's quinoa and tuna salad with lemon, capers, anchovy, and a secret ingredient: freshly grated horseradish. Next to this salad is cauliflower couscous. And in between, I wedged a few pea shoots for crunch. Dessert is cubed mango because this lunch was desperate for a flash of brightness.

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Shalini April 10, 2014
Did the kids eat it, the horseradish element? Beautiful meal, especially with the mango! Bet they ate that....
Author Comment
Amanda H. April 10, 2014
Yes -- I didn't add a ton.
allie April 10, 2014
Amanda, I continue to be awed at what your children (seemingly happily) eat - yes, I know all about offering kids what adults are eating, but how did you work this magic -- not just with *one* child, but *two*? If there anything they refuse?<br />
Author Comment
Amanda H. April 13, 2014
They're not super fond of eggplant or mushrooms. We didn't do anything special -- we just never offered options, and we served them what we were eating from the time they could eat solid food.