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5 Links to Read Before Heading to the Farmers Market

April 22, 2014

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master something new in the kitchen. Culinary greatness, here you come.

Today: Help protect the planet -- one trip to the farmers market at a time.

In honor of Earth Day, we're paying homage to the farmers market, which celebrates all things local, seasonal, and sustainable. Farmers markets provide the opportunity to connect with the people who grow and raise your food. Instead of pushing a shopping cart through a stuffy grocery store, you get to purchase your food outside, in the fresh air. What's not to love? This Earth Day (and every day), support your neighborhood farmers market. Just be sure to read these links before you go.

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  • How to make the farmers market the only place you shop. (The Kitchn.)
  • Find out what's in season at your local market (and how to use it) with this interactive map. (Epicurious.)
  • Take these 10 tips with you on your next trip to the market. (Serious Eats.)
  • And, after you eat all the produce from your market haul, here's how to reuse the cartons. (Food52.)

Eco-friendly folks -- share your secrets in the comments!

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  • AntoniaJames
  • vvvanessa
  • Lauren Kodiak
    Lauren Kodiak
The grocery store is my happy place.


AntoniaJames April 23, 2014
Anyone reading the Modern Farmer piece should be sure to read the comments, many by farmers' market vendors, as well as the rebuttal at . ;o)
Lauren K. April 23, 2014
Thanks for pointing that out!
vvvanessa April 22, 2014
I bring storage containers to the market to buy delicate produce like berries, peaches, and avocados. I can give the berry boxes right back to the vendors (which they're always happy to take), and the lidded containers keep the fruit from getting crushed or bruised in my always overcrowded shopping bag. I keep empty egg cartons near my market bags and bring them back to the vendors each week.
Lauren K. April 23, 2014
Love this!