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Are You a Blue or a Green?

May 16, 2014

If you haven't heard, we're working with MZ Wallace to design the perfect farmers market tote -- and we're asking you to choose the color!

Navy is currently in the lead, but voting is open until next Monday, May 19th -- so it's still anyone's game. Our offices have quickly divided ito Team Navy and Team Forest -- so we thought we'd ask a few of Food52 and MZ Wallace's team members which side they're on. 

Amanda and Merrill  Michael Hoffman

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Amanda and Merrill chose green: "The green reminds us of the market and fresh leaves and produce -- all the things we plan to fill our market bag with!"

Software engineer Michael Hoffman chooses navy, because "Jeans and blazers aren't navy blue for nothing. I find that it's the most versatile color you can wear; plus, imagine all of your colorful vegetables set against that handsome, dark backdrop."

Meanwhile, over at the MZ Wallace offices:

Green  Blue

MZ Wallace founders Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice say, "Classic forest green will look beautiful against all the colorful produce peeking out."

Angie Kong, Director of eCommerce, is on team blue: "I love navy because it's an easy-to-wear neutral, perfect year-round." (And check out her custom pin -- it reads "I voted blue, and so should you.")

We want to hear from you, too: Be sure to vote, then let us know which color you chose!

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See what other Food52 readers are saying.

  • vellner
  • Jbkitchen
  • Pat E. in SLO
    Pat E. in SLO
  • zoemetro uk
    zoemetro uk
  • shelia
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vellner May 18, 2014
Jbkitchen May 18, 2014
Pat E. May 17, 2014
Green, of isn't a good food color....and yes, I've heard of blueberries. :-)
zoemetro U. May 17, 2014
shelia May 17, 2014
I like blue
Bunnee B. May 17, 2014
Blue works for me.
creamtea May 16, 2014
lastnightsdinner May 16, 2014
Honestly, I chose based on the hardware - so Navy won out :)
healthierkitchen May 18, 2014
Agreed! I prefer silver hardware too!!
ECMotherwell May 16, 2014
Blue is beautiful!
Diane V. May 16, 2014
I voted for green. My favorite color.
peggydf May 16, 2014
I vote for blue. The trunk of my car is already filled with green shopping bags.
Mary-Jordon B. May 16, 2014
Blue is more basic/versatile. I would never buy forest green.
kpfears May 16, 2014
Green is also a healing color. One gets lots more with green.
ChefJune May 16, 2014
I think green -- the color of Spring, the color of health, the color of so much of the delicious produce that will go into the gorgeous tote -- is the perfect color for it. Please vote GREEN!
HalfPint May 16, 2014
I would choose green. Because navy is a such a versatile color, EVERYONE uses it. And if you want that perfect farmer's tote to be associated with Food52, a nice unique green might just do that. Think of the Tiffany's blue. That shade of blue is now exclusively connected to Tiffany's. It is better than any logo.