Why -- and How -- You Should Eat Yogurt for Lunch

June 17, 2014

As a defiant response to Sad Desk Lunches, the Food52 team works to keep our midday meals both interesting and pretty. Each week, we'll be sharing our happiest desk lunches -- and we want to see yours, too.

Today: So you're eating yogurt for breakfast? Great. You should be eating it for lunch, too.


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Breakfast for dinner gets all the attention — the two meals are far enough from each other to feel distinct, so their exchange feels novel. But who’s to say that you can’t eat yogurt for lunch?

If you can find a good, full-fat, no-sugar-added yogurt, something that’s more labneh and less sugar-at-the-bottom, you have a solid base for your next lunch. I recently had some savory yogurt on hand, plus toasted oats and nuts and a bit of compote, and at the last minute I grabbed a bottle of fruity, fancy olive oil from my cabinet. I waved it over my bowl, added a sprinkle of flaky salt, and then realized that I could call this lunch, plus it was 11 AM anyways. 

More: Learn how to make your own labneh at home.

I have now tried it with roasted vegetables (carrots! beets!) and fresh fruit alike, and even if you go the sweet route, you’ll still feel like you’re eating lunch and not just a variation on Cheerios.

Yogurt for lunch: Would you or wouldn't you? Tell us in the comments!

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robinorig January 31, 2021
I survived college living on a yogurt (either plain or vanilla) mixed with a small package of trail mix for lunch every day. Love the idea of making a savory version. I use Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream often for baking or for a condiment.
YpsiJules July 22, 2015
Full fat Nancy's plain yogurt, drizzled with local star thistle honey and a good olive oil. So simple, so good.
Aylin August 25, 2014
Home made thick creamy plain yogurt with drizzles of honey and any toasted nuts and fresh fruits or even corn flakes for the crunchy crave . any time any meals.

Yogurt with shredded cucumber and nicely mince pasley, pinch of salt. totally refreshing.
Alice M. August 21, 2014
I forgot to mention my last few unwilted basil leaves, torn up on top... not too shabby for basically empty fridge/pantry lunch.
Alice M. August 21, 2014
Today's desk lunch: greek yogurt topped with crumbled last piece of sheep's milk feta, my last dry farmed Early Girl tomato (cut in chunks), a chopped lemon cucumber, generous drizzle of McEvoy extra virgin olive oil, flakey sea salt, fresh ground pepper. No complaints....
Marian B. August 22, 2014
I love this! Also respect your dairy-on-dairy structure. And it's all about the flaky salt, always. xx
Ann H. June 22, 2014
I would eat yogurt for every meal if I coul
Carol June 22, 2014
I have yoghurt for lunch almost daily. Organic, low fat, plain. With honey, or fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, blueberries, whatever), or some stewed rhubarb. Totally satisfying.
Lisa June 22, 2014
I eat homemade labneh for lunch all the time. Fantastic spread over flatbread, sprinkled with za'atar and a bit of olive oil, and topped with vegetables of choice. I like shredded spinach and beets, or tomatoes and cukes. It's also really great on a thick black or pumpernickel bread.

I also add a plop to veggie bowls, especially things like black beans and rajas which have a Mexican twist to them.
JadeTree June 19, 2014
Yes! And homemade labne stuffed into a small toasted pita sprinkled with za'atar and olive oil with some crunchy vegetables on the side...perfection!
Terry M. July 22, 2015
YES! Didn't see this before I posted. My favorite breakfast right now. It's a little too sloppy to take to work for lunch.
Lauren K. June 18, 2014
I eat yogurt for lunch on the regular, savory-style: roasted carrots, cilantro, tahini, any nuts I happen to have on hand, chickpeas, oil-cured olives, and whatever greens are in the house. Put it together as though it were a parfait, and voila -- lunch. Or dinner. Or maybe savory dessert.
Marian B. June 21, 2014
Can I have a bite of your lunch?
Kim S. July 22, 2015
Me too. Wow.
Panfusine June 17, 2014
Yogurt's Absolutely perfect for any meal.. My favorite is South Indian style Yogurt rice.. with or without shredded or diced cucumbers.
BTW: Amanda has a very good traditional recipe for Yogurt rice in the Red NY times cookbook
Georgetown-DC July 23, 2015
Is this the recipe you are referring to? https://food52.com/recipes/8565-mujaddara-with-spiced-yogurt
Joanne I. June 17, 2014
Yes, please!
Patty June 17, 2014
Perfect flavor/protein boost to leftovers -- especially a frittata, or a grain-based salad. Also over cut- up fruit. Or leftover fruit-based dessert that made it past breakfast.
diana June 17, 2014
as often as possible :)
Can't L. June 17, 2014
I grew up eating yogurt with every meal (I am Indian). My favorite even today is to mix in some yogurt (unsweetened) with any leftover vegetable stir fry or lentils or sautéed greens and eat it with (or without) some crusty bread. I call it lunch/dinner or snack depending how much I am eating :)
Sarah J. June 17, 2014
I would. In fact, I do.
Kenzi W. June 17, 2014
Ditto. Always.