Editors' Picks — Summer Week 9

August 19, 2010

meatballs in tomato sauce  tomato-glazed cocktail meatballs with bacon   

Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! We'd love to see some new testers in the mix. Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm.

We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). And even if the recipe you test isn't chosen as an Editors' Pick, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!



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AntoniaJames August 20, 2010
Congrats to SmallKitchCara on the tikka masala meatballs! I've made the sauce twice since she posted it. More detailed (wildly enthusiastic) comments are posted on the recipe itself. I plan to test freeze a batch and if it's a success, will make quadruple batches to freeze. It's the best!! ;o)
Heena August 20, 2010
EP - are there two better syllables? It's an honor to be in such great company. Thank you so much.
healthierkitchen August 20, 2010
I'll take Nonna's!
Jennifer A. August 19, 2010
I would love to test the lion's head meatballs.
lastnightsdinner August 19, 2010
Wow, just coming up for air after a crazy day at the office - thank you so much for the EP, team food52! I'm honored to be in such great company, and congrats to the mouthwatering finalists!
Food52 August 19, 2010
Just two recipes still up for testing, Nonna's Meatballs and Lion's Head Meatballs.
AppleAnnie August 19, 2010
I'm happy to test Lulu Kabobs , I think they are still available. (Football is still a ball, even though it's not a sphere, so egg shaped Lulu Kabobs should still be considered meatballs!)
AppleAnnie August 19, 2010
Oh, oh--Lulu kabobs are not available, how about No More turkey leftovers?
There'sAlwaysPie August 19, 2010
I'll take the Lulu Kabobs - sounds like dinner tonight for my household!
Sagegreen August 19, 2010
Congrats to the EPs. There is much to learn from all these amazing techniques and combinations! Very inspiring.
ECmtl August 19, 2010
I would like to try the Lamb Meatballs with yogurt Sauce.
Amber O. August 19, 2010
buffalo, mushroom, feta meatballs please...
aargersi August 19, 2010
Congrats to the already tested EPs!! I am not sure how much cook-time I have this weekend so am resisting testing (though I love doing it ...)
SallyCan August 19, 2010
I'd like to try Stewed Pork Meatballs and Escarole with Crisped Shiitakes, please.
monkeymom August 19, 2010
Hope you enjoy them SallyCan. Napa cabbage is much easier to find and I highly recommend it if you can't find escarole or don't dig bitter greens.
gingerroot August 19, 2010
I would love to try "Oh No You Didn't" - "Yes I Did" Meatballs, please. Thanks!

sticksnscones August 19, 2010
I'll take the Pearl balls please.
Kitchen B. August 19, 2010
Thank you sticknscones
vrunka August 19, 2010
I'd like to make Fish Meatballs in Spicy Red Pepper Sauce, please!
PhoebeLapine August 23, 2010
awesome! can't wait to hear how they turn out!
cheese1227 August 19, 2010
Knock-off Leon Moroccan Meatballs please.
cheryl August 21, 2010
Thanks, I think they are so wonderful it does them an injustice to call them knock-off, but credit where credit is due.
AntoniaJames August 19, 2010
Aunt Julie's Meatballs, please! And thank you. ;o)
drbabs August 19, 2010
:) Thanks, AJ!
kccfan August 19, 2010
I'd love to try the Albondigas :-)
Food52 August 19, 2010
Sorry katyskitchen just beat you to them. Please choose another recipe.
katyskitchen August 19, 2010
I would love to try the Albondigas!!