7 Sweet Ways to Use Pistachios

July 16, 2014

Though almonds and walnuts receive their fair share of admiration, the bright, funky pistachio is arguably the most versatile nut in your pantry. Great as a snack on their own, these nuts can also coat meat and poultry, dress up a simple sandwich, and upgrade any and every dessert. 

Today, we're tackling desserts, but we're going beyond pistachio ice cream. Buttery with a salty crunch, pistachios cut through rich chocolates and heavy creams, helping to balance the textures and flavors of everything from shortbreads to shakes. Even better, their vibrant green hue turns the simplest treat into a stunning dessert. So stock up, shell away, and give pistachios the praise they deserve with these seven sweets. 

Chocolate-Dunked Pistachio Shortbread by Rivka

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Chocolate-Dunked Pistachio Shortbread

Citrus and Cardamom Baklava with Pistachios and Walnuts by Alexandra V. Jones


Profiteroles with a Frozen Pistachio Mousse by Ty Ryavec

Pistachio Mousse

Peach Pistachio Lassis by fiveandspice

Peach Pistachio Lassis

Pistachio Meringue Stack with Rosecream and Strawberries by Heena

Pistachio Meringue Stack

Vanilla Peaches with Pistachio Crumble by Green Kitchen Stories

Peaches with Pistachio Crumble

Pistachio Cardamom Nutella by Madhuri Sharma

Pistachio Nutella

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Alexandra V. July 16, 2014
Thanks for including me!!
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taylor, you had me at "frozen pistachio mousse"