Our 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes of All. Time.

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September 19, 2019
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Food52 is 10 years old! To celebrate a decade of all things kitchen and home, we're rolling out our top recipes, tips, and stories for another victory lap, along with some of our very favorite memories over the years. Go on, take 'em in!

What's for dinner tonight? Chances are, it's chicken on our table. For the past 10 years and counting, chicken's been our number one: roasted, fried, braised, or baked into crispy nuggets. It's the ultimate blank slate, as well, able to take on most any flavor while imbuing it with a rich, comforting, uniquely chickeny warmth. (In fact, we love chicken so much, we even wrote a book about it!)

We know chicken's your fave, too—that's why there are over 1,300 (!) chicken recipes on Food52. But to celebrate 10 years of us loving chicken to the fullest (with your help!), we've combed through Food52's decade-old recipe box for our best chicken recipes ever. Seriously!

It was, of course, hard to leave out numbers 11, 12, and 13 (who doesn't love Korean Fried Chicken Wings?). But for these purposes, we had to stick to the facts. These chicken recipes are the greatest of the greatest; they're our community's absolute favorites (and ours, too).

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“Where is Harvey Steinberg's Chicken Stroganoff! Once you make'll be your favorite also! ”
— Suzanne M.

But! There's more! In the spirit of all things chicken, we're also sharing three recipes from our forthcoming cookbook, Dynamite Chicken—dishes we guarantee will soon join the rank of these ten legends.

Our 10 Best Chicken Recipes

10. Barbara Kafka's Simplest Roast Chicken

As far as we're concerned, one only needs a single roast chicken recipe: this dynamo from the Genius Barbara Kafka. You'll heat the oven to a ripping-hot 500°F and stuff the cavity of the chicken with aromatics before putting it inside; this helps the chicken's skin crisp up beautifully on the outside, while infusing it with flavor on the inside. A few potatoes or root vegetables placed underneath the chicken as it roasts will soak up all the delicious schmaltz that comes off the bird, and round out the meal.

9. Sheet Pan Roast Chicken And Cabbage

Chicken + cabbage = pure comfort. Chicken + cabbage + coconut–sesame–soy–chili marinade = pure comfort with a delightful kick. This convenient sheet-pan dinner is one of our tried-and-true faves, and if you haven't made it yet, well, what are you waiting for?

8. Braised Chicken Thighs With Tomato And Garlic

Our co-founder Merrill, who brought us this incredible recipe, admits to making it once a week—save for a few choice herbs and spices (garlic and fresh thyme, to boot), you can pretty much cobble it together from your pantry stores. Merrill says it goes great with orzo or rice, and we all have pretty good reason to believe Merrill.

7. Jamie Oliver's Chicken In Milk

Chicken poached in...milk? Sounds wild, but hear us out. Our Genius Creative Director, Kristen Miglore explain why this recipe, from the Naked Chef himself, works so well: "The lactic acid in milk makes meat especially tender and turns into an amazingly flavorful sauce." Can't argue with that, can you?!

6. Extraordinary Marinated And Roasted Chicken, Potatoes, And Chickpeas

This "extraordinary" one-pot dish promises quite a bit, and definitely does not disappoint. Chicken pieces, canned chickpeas, and chunks of potato are marinated in a creamy, harissa-inflected sauce overnight, then piled into a baking dish and roasted for a little over an hour. "Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt or tzatziki on the side, and prepare to be worshipped" says recipe creator Selma.

5. Canal House's Chicken Thighs With Lemon

How you get shatteringly crisp skin and succulent meat on chicken thighs? Pan-fry them, of course, but make sure to start with a cold pan, arrange the chicken skin-side down, and use just a teensy bit of oil. As the pan heats, the fat renders off the chicken skin and allows it to get ridiculously crunchy and flavorful. Finely chopped preserved lemon adds a necessary tang and bright note, to cut through the chicken's richness.

4. Slow-Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup

As the days get shorter and the temps get cooler, you'll almost certainly need warm, stewy, stick-to-your-rib dinners in your back pocket. Even better? Recipes that let that comforting dinner greet you as soon as you step in the door. This slow-cooker chicken Parmesan soup does just that. It's got all the flavors of the Italian–American classic, but takes far less finagling (no dredging, frying, baking in sight) and takes place all in your slow-cooker.

3. Cheap Creamy Chicken Curry

At an estimated cost of $2.50 per head, this mild, coconutty chicken curry is everything we need. It's hearty and satisfying, brilliantly spiced, and ready in just about 40 minutes. Pro tip: If you make a double batch (and, well, why wouldn't you?), it freezes like a charm.

2. Jamie Oliver’s Tender & Crisp Chicken Legs With Sweet Tomatoes & Basil

This recipe, another winner from the great Jamie Oliver, has a lot going for it: you don't really have to cut or prep anything; you can just throw all the ingredients in one pot; and you're rewarded with juicy, tender, fall-apart braised chicken. Make this now, before tomato season is over for the year!

1. Judy Hesser’s Oven-Fried Chicken

It comes as no surprise that this is the #1 chicken recipe on Food52. It comes from our co-founder Amanda's mother, and it's, to put it mildly, a phenom. Who knew you could get crispy-skinned, juicy-middled, nutty-flavored, fried chicken, but without the frying? Judy knew, and thankfully, now we know too.

Sneak Peek! 3 Recipes from Dynamite Chicken

1. Broiled Chicken Thighs With Plum Tomatoes & Garlic

Inspired by Merrill's braised chicken thighs above, this recipe from chef Tyler Kord take things up a notch by inflecting the dish with a bit of fish sauce at the end. As one community member raved, "The skin was unbelievable, and a perfect use of the over producing tomatoes we have in the backyard." Looks like it's time to hop to it.

2. Roast Chicken With All Of The Vegetables In Your CSA

This roast chicken dish is the perfect Thursday night meal—all the action happens in one roasting pan, but the cook time takes a little longer than your standard 30-minute affair. This extended cook time is great for two reasons: 1) You can drink at least one martini while waiting for things to roast, and 2) You'll be rewarded with tons of tender chicken and perfectly roasted vegetables to enjoy with a second martini.

You can pretty much use any kind of vegetable you want underneath the chicken; parsnips, carrots, butternut squash, and fennel all come to mind in place of the potatoes, and Brussels sprouts would be a great stand-in for the cabbage. Peas can say as they are or get replaced with a sturdy green, like lacinato kale or arugula.

3. Lemony Spaghetti With Parmesan Popcorn Chicken

Wait—cheesy, lemony pasta with chicken nuggets on top? Yup, Tyler went there, and he's not sorry. Kids and adults alike will be over the moon that you made this dish.

What's your favorite chicken recipe on Food52? Let us know in the comments below!
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Suzanne M. September 21, 2019
Where is Harvey Steinberg's Chicken Stroganoff! Once you make'll be your favorite also!
Brinda A. September 23, 2019
I'll check that one out, Suzanne—thanks for the tip!!
Mary L. October 25, 2019
Where do u find it?
sandy October 26, 2019
I cannot find it in the search but sounds fantastic!
Katherine May 17, 2019
So, I am guessing you are asking what is your favorite all-time recipe, rather than just the ones I have downloaded here (not to say there isn't lots of wonderful goodness here!). But my all time fave is a family recipe from Gramma Landry (Dad's mom). I have it every year for my b'day. It was a family tradition to choose our birthday family meal. It's a variation of Brunswick Stew. As we all know, all Brunswick Stew recipes are variations. Ours did not include squirrel! Despite my dad's fruitless battle to keep squirrels from his pear, apple and cheery trees he never destroyed any of these determined critters. Anyway, it's a simple stew with layers of chicken, onion, potato, tomato, salt pork, lima beans and salt pork. It is simmered in chicken broth. Originally it was only seasoned with poultry seasoning, but I throw in my own concoction with fresh sage, rosemary, garlic, and thyme. And maybe some poultry seasoning for good measure. It's simple and delicious, though maybe some of the goodness if from family tradition and love.
Danielle October 11, 2018
This recipe is NOT getting enough love.
pottsy.1990 October 17, 2018
That was the first chicken recipe that sprang to mind when I saw this article! Love it.
Brinda A. September 23, 2019
I hope you'll be glad to know it's getting a ton of love in this updated list! Y'all have been making it so much!
Dunnkit October 11, 2018
This is the BEST (and easiest) chicken recipe I've enjoyed in years! Highly recommend trying it, if you haven't.
Brinda A. September 23, 2019
This one looks stellar, Dunnkit. EmilyC is a rockstar, and the sheet-pan queen!
clintonhillbilly October 9, 2018
Eric K. October 9, 2018
That's a good one.