Put a Filter on It: I Love New York

July 25, 2014

It's no secret -- we love a good 'gram. Here, we'll be posting our favorite Instagrams from the food world, on a different theme each week.

Today, we're taking pride in our hometown.

Some people love New York for the art, some people love it for the theater, and some love it for the subway system (those people must be out there somewhere, right?).

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We love New York for the food: hole-in-the-wall restaurants, farmers markets, small batch food producers. We love it for cheesecake, pizza, black and white cookies, and bagels (like this one that rlevinsky10 found at Black Seed Bagels).

We love New York food so much, in fact, that we've created a Provisions collection as an homage to our hometown. Check back on Tuesday to see the whole collection -- and in the meantime, spread a bagel with schmear and show us why you love New York.

We want your 'grams! Follow us, then tag your big apples and other NYC food with #F52grams -- we'll repost our favorites.

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Sarah Jampel

Written by: Sarah Jampel

A (former) student of English, a lover of raisins, a user of comma splices. My spirit animal is an eggplant. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream. For that, I'm sorry.

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jpavlick July 25, 2014
Anyone who moves here from the South loves it for the subway