A Week of New York-Made Recipes

August  8, 2014

All week long, we're highlighting some of our favorite New York-based makers, whose goods you can find in our I Heart NYC collection on Provisions. Follow along for a taste of New York -- without stepping foot on a subway. 

Today: We're taking a look back at how the New York-based makers featured on Provisions are reinventing familiar classics with their unique edible goods.  

From picklers to small-batch condiment producers, New York makers have taken us beyond pizza and bagels and shown us the skill and innovation that thrives right here in our hometown. We blended the flavors of India and France in a hot tomato tart, revitalized our leftovers with a spicy kimchi paste, had halva for breakfast, and made the Bloody Mary our go-to cocktail -- all with the help of some of these innovators. Browse the products in our collection, read up on their stories, and find out why we're proud to call New York home.

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How to Use Tomato Achaar with Brooklyn Dehli



A Spicy Summer Soup for Your Leftovers with Mama O's Premium Kimchi



A Morning Smoothie for Your Sweet Tooth with Brooklyn Sesame



How to Improve a Classic Bloody Mary with Pickles with Rick's Picks


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