Our European Getaway

August 14, 2014

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Today: We're taking you on a trip to Europe.


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Rarely does a day pass when we don’t daydream about going somewhere, anywhere, new. Especially in the sticky heat of summer, isn’t it appealing to think about packing a bag and boarding a plane? Maybe you’d go to a cabin in the cool mountain woods (more on that in our Mountain Getaway collection, coming in two weeks). Or maybe you’d go to the beach and dip your toes in the ocean (salt water cures all problems, in case you didn’t know).

As for us, we’d go to Europe. We’d start with breakfast in France: a flaky croissant and a milky café au lait. Lunch would be in Italy, followed by a lengthly siesta in Spain and a coffee break in Sweden. We’d finish the day in Switzerland because we hear they like chocolate and so do we

But if no plane ticket awaits, here’s how you can capture the best of Europe right here and now:

Use Spanish olive oil. These award-winning bottles from Castillo de Canena are intensely fruity and aromatic. Their smoked olive oil is unusual in that it's cold-infused with oak smoke; the lack of heat means none of the olive flavor gets lost.


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Get chic. If there’s one thing the French are good at, it’s looking effortlessly stylish. We doubt we’ll reach Dior-level elegance anytime soon, but we are head over heels for this La Pharmacie beachy hair mist. Made with pink Himalayan sea salt and gray Breton salt, it gives you tousled, textured beach waves instantly (even if you’re just sitting at your desk eating strawberry cake).


Spice things up. You've been happily immersed in summer bounty for weeks; Corn, peaches, and ripe Jersey tomatoes feel comfortable and familiar, like the culinary equivalent of nicely worn PJs. If you want something to jolt you out of the ordinary, add a little Spanish chorizo to your sandwich. This white chorizo uses nutmeg, oregano, and white pepper, creating a milder, sweeter sausage.

Now that you're hungry for all manner of French pastries and Spanish paella, see the rest of our European getaway collection here.

Tell us, what European dish would you recreate?

Photos by James Ransom

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I like warm homemade bread slathered with fresh raw milk butter, ice cream in all seasons, the smell of garlic in olive oil, and sugar snap peas fresh off the vine.