A Haiku or Two, on Tomatoes

August 22, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 



Farmers market queens --
Marinara is your fate.
You don't stand a chance.

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a serrated knife
is the best way to cut one
(or, you know, your teeth)

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    Billie Lee Crane
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    Risa Jampel
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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



vvvanessa August 24, 2014
say it how you like
tuh-may-toe or toe-mah-toe
just give them to me
Billie L. August 23, 2014
Was always told the summer tomato
Was like a brick of gold!
Risa J. August 22, 2014
Heaped in shopping bag
Varied shapes sizes and colors
Heirloom gifts for me
gingerroot August 22, 2014
Tropics irony -
It's hot here but beefsteaks are
few and far between.
CamillaMMann August 22, 2014
Mini hierlooms fresh
Red, green, yellow, striped, tasty
Just add oil and salt
Kendra V. August 22, 2014
the best blt
comes with one thats green and fried.
damn. seriously.
Kendra V. August 22, 2014

"when one's good, there is
nothing better in the world,"
my mom says, chewing.
Marian B. August 22, 2014
my mom always chews
with her mouth open and it
annoys me. oh well.
Joseph J. August 22, 2014
Tomato is green
Tomato is not so ripe
I'll wait a little to eat
Sarah J. August 22, 2014
ever thought about
your future as a poet?
suits you well, i think
Brette W. August 22, 2014
i ate one for lunch
on a red-stained paper plate
i then stained my shirt
Marian B. August 22, 2014
brette, i recommend
a tide to go pen for girls,
like us, who eat food.
vvvanessa August 24, 2014
Marian, you are slaying it!
Posie (. August 22, 2014
i say to-mah-toe
partly because i love brits
partly old habit
Sheila E. August 22, 2014
Humid days and nights,
take my love away from me...
tomato late blight.
Catherine L. August 22, 2014
'May or 'mah, who cares?
Let's bury the hatchet with
some bloody marys.
Catherine L. August 22, 2014
I used to hate them
and now I love them, three cheers
For getting older
Marian B. August 22, 2014
i like this haiku --
i used to put ketchup on
all things. now, i'm grown.
Alexandra S. August 22, 2014
Tomato, my love,
is there anything better?
Bagel, cream cheese, you.
catherinej August 22, 2014
Feeding thirty folks
Nick says he’ll bring two hundred
Bloody Marys too?
laurenlocally August 22, 2014
Raw are not for me
But roasted, they are candy
Growing them is hard
Adam J. August 22, 2014
Red, round and juicy
Can I bite it like apples?
Too late, tomato
Lindsay-Jean H. August 22, 2014
a sad cold summer
plants laden with unripe fruit
fried green tomatoes?
Danny August 22, 2014
Eh, I always found
tomatoes overrated.
But I love pizza.
Marcy August 22, 2014
Bitten on the vine
with salt and olive oil
true tomato love
seth10597 August 22, 2014
oh my tomato
the woman of the garden
worth all the effort