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Put a Filter on It: American Road Trip

August 22, 2014

It's no secret -- we love a good 'gram. Here, we'll be posting our favorite Instagrams from the food world, on a different theme each week.

Today, it's made in the U.S.A.

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Quick questionnaire: 

  1. Are you eating chicken and waffles in South Carolina?
  2. Are you cracking open a big ole lobstah on a rocky Massachusetts beach?
  3. Are you eating Junior Mints in the back seat of a station wagon with wooden panels? 

If you answered yes to any the above questions, we applaud -- and envy -- you. As the summer comes to a close, we'd love to hit the open road like timmelideo -- mostly to get a little closer to our favorite regional foods.

Although we can't join you physically, we can still join you virtually -- so do us a favor and shares pictures of the foods you're finding across the U.S. of A. Because there's a lot of ground to cover (and a whole lot of eating to do), we're giving this #f52grams theme two weeks. Pack your bags, gas up the car, make a few snacks, and get truckin'. 

We want your 'grams! Follow us, then tag your travel food with #f52grams -- we'll repost our favorites. 

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