A Haiku or Two, for Going Back to School

September  5, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


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Nilla wafers are
Superior to all snacks
It's a proven fact. 


10:30 AM,
Time for lunch. The whole place smelled
Like ripened string cheese.

Are you inspired to write a poem about going back to school? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by James Ransom


Lindsay-Jean H. September 8, 2014
a new "backpacket"<br />i can't bear to correct her<br />fleeting language quirks
sheri September 6, 2014
thumb sucking daughter<br />it's time to rise and shine, boo<br />you're growing too fast
Tucker &. September 5, 2014
Indian summer<br />In the moment deja vu<br />When is winter break?
Will G. September 5, 2014
Lucky Charms stashed in<br />Plastic bag. Thank God for my<br />Zip-off cargo pants
Emi B. September 5, 2014
Back-to-school shopping<br />Meant new Lisa Frank folders<br />And scented markers.
Emi B. September 5, 2014
I would take the tests<br />And rewrite all the essays<br />To do it again.
Sarah M. September 5, 2014
School started this week?<br />School started four weeks ago.<br />Welcome to med school
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Sarah J. September 5, 2014
Remember college?<br />Feels like many years ago.<br />We are getting old.
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Sarah J. September 5, 2014
That was a sad one.<br />Here's something to cheer you up:<br />Power of the pause.
aargersi September 5, 2014
UT years a blur<br />I feel bad about my neck<br />The next phase of old<br /><br />:-)
Sarah M. September 5, 2014
One room, two Sarahs<br />Three years we lived together<br />When can we again??
Catherine L. September 5, 2014
Sad sad sad sad sad<br />Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad<br />New pencils. Happy.
Sasha (. September 5, 2014
Catherine - I love your poem! That last line made me laugh out loud.