A Haiku or Two, on Cereal

September 12, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 



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here’s how i eat mine:
half cereal. half berries.
whole milk. a big spoon.


Being an adult
Means you can buy Reese's Puffs.
I like that. A lot. 

Are you inspired to write a poem about cereal? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by James Ransom


vvvanessa September 13, 2014
apple jacks are best<br />ingested by the handful<br />straight out of the box<br />
Paula September 12, 2014
No milk, just the box.<br />Hands down, crunchy and sweet, it’s <br />My favorite snack. <br />
Burf September 12, 2014
Rice Krispies are meant<br />To be mixed with butter and<br />Melted marshmallows
Emi B. September 12, 2014
cinnamon toast crunch<br />makes the best cereal milk<br />in the whole wide world
aargersi September 12, 2014
We are Coo-Coo for<br />Cocoa Puffs but only in<br />The Late Night Snack Zone
nannydeb September 12, 2014
Right out of the box<br />Milk is a vile, vile substance<br />Best fed to small calves
Sarah J. September 12, 2014
Addendum to the original:<br /><br />When you're an adult<br />You can eat Reese's Puffs for<br />Breakfast. But you don't.
mrslarkin September 12, 2014
Muesli for me and<br />Muesli for you, and muesli<br />For all of the days.<br /><br />(I made a LOT of muesli)
ugocrazy September 12, 2014
Spits! Spats!<br />What's that?<br />A bog instead of cereal, I cant stand.
Catherine L. September 12, 2014
Cinnamon Toast Crunch.<br />Eat dessert for breakfast, and<br />No one says a thing.
Catherine L. September 12, 2014
Who likes it soggy?<br />That is one thing in life that<br />I can't understand.
Sarah J. September 12, 2014
I love it soggy.<br />I will wait, and wait, and wait<br />For it to be mush.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 12, 2014
There's no other way:<br />Mix multiple types, top with<br />dried fruit or berries.<br />
Lindsay-Jean H. September 12, 2014
Exception: Grape-Nuts<br />Straight up -- tooth-shattering bliss<br />(Seconds not advised)