A Haiku or Two, on Apples

September 19, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 

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I love them so much,
Yet give me a Macintosh,
And I will decline. 


Romanticize fall
all you want; i'll just eat this
apple, quite loudly.

Are you inspired to write a poem about apples? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by James Ransom

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Karen S. October 18, 2014
Fall! Let's waltz ourselves <br />Down to the farmers' market...<br />Sweetangos are here!
Adam J. September 23, 2014
I ate about nine<br />apples right off of the branch.<br />I love picking time.
Jody K. September 23, 2014
Apples of New Year<br />Dipped in gold honey so sweet<br />Soothes my heart and soul<br /><br />
Edibletcetera September 23, 2014
The apples of fall<br />end up in a pie so fine,<br />I wish they were mine.
El September 23, 2014
Rome, Spy, Ida Red<br />Yet all are quite delicious<br />Don't make me choose one<br />
Lindsay-Jean H. September 22, 2014
Apples? No, not yet!<br />Galas can wait -- there are plums!<br />And plums equal cake.<br /><br />Or tortes, if fancy.<br />So -- "Miss Jackson" when nasty;<br />"Miss Burros," fancy.
Author Comment
Marian B. September 23, 2014
Harjit September 21, 2014
Juicy Macintosh<br />Glistening in the orchard<br />Healthy crunchy snack
Sauertea September 20, 2014
Fuji on my tree<br />Waiting to taste ripe and sweet<br />When time to pick comes
Rita D. September 20, 2014
my dad loved apples<br />the sweet crisp crunch of each bite<br />see him smiling now
Mary B. September 19, 2014
an apple haiku<br />comes together in a crunch<br />with a splash of juice
Andrew W. September 19, 2014
I peel my apples<br />Don't like skin between my teeth<br />And I hate to floss
Emi B. September 19, 2014
apple bottom jeans,<br />boots with the fur (with the fur),<br />the... okay, I'm done.
Sarah J. September 25, 2014
This is my favorite thing.
Catherine L. September 19, 2014
The watermelon<br />Of my eye just doesn't have the <br />The same ring to it.
marymary September 22, 2014
my other fave
Will G. September 19, 2014
The forbidden fruit<br />May have tempted Eve; not I<br />Unless it was pie
marymary September 22, 2014
my fave
marymary September 19, 2014
the best apple is<br />crispy and sweet like a pear;<br />long live the Fuji
Kristin B. September 19, 2014
I prefer Gala<br />In the form of an apple<br />Rather than event
Mary-Elizabeth T. September 19, 2014
We each like one kind:<br />Russet, Macs, and Jonagold.<br />We don't even share.
Sarah M. September 19, 2014
"an apple a day<br />keeps the doctor away" does<br />not apply to me
Emi B. September 19, 2014
sj, you are right.<br />pink ladies beat all others.<br />is hollis kidding?
Sarah J. September 19, 2014
Pink Lady, she’s the <br />cool new girl. Granny Smith can<br />retire in peace.
Hollis M. September 19, 2014
Haters gonna hate<br />But my only apple love<br />Is the Macintosh.