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Pomegranate Flank Steak

November  5, 2014

When she has the kitchen all to herself, Phyllis Grant of Dash and Bella cooks beautiful iterations of what solo meals were always meant to be: Exactly what you want, when and where you want them.

Today: A story for now, a flank steak for dinner, and a new marinade for always. 

flank steak

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Dash. Look outside. We fell back. 


It's 5:20 in the evening. But what time does it look like?


And in the spring when it's 5:20 what will it look like?


Here's the best part, Dash. On Monday morning, 7 AM will feel like 8 AM. Total. Score. But I'm bummed the weekend is over.

Me too. It was great because my daddy came home. 

That was my favorite part too. 

We carved pumpkins, we had pancakes, we had Halloween. There was candy. You ate my strawberry Starbursts. And then you made shakshuka.

I did?

No. Wait. Mom. You made baba ganoush. I get all these new words mixed up. And then we had plank steak.

Did you like the plank steak?

It was delicious. Sweet but sour. Juicy. It was awesome.

Dash, do you think that dinner tasted better because daddy was here?

Maybe a little. Because I don't like it when it's just three. I like the whole four.

Yes, my love. It was a perfect weekend.

I don’t tell him that nothing makes me happier than cooking for his daddy.

I don’t tell him his daddy doesn’t like flank steak, that I forgot, that I’ve lost touch.

I don’t tell him about the kiss his daddy gave me when he got home on Friday night, the one behind the bedroom door, against the Transformers poster, amongst the Legos and stuffed cats, right before the first trick or treaters arrived.

I don’t tell him how sometimes I hide in the kitchen and cook so that I don’t have to be fully present as a wife or a parent.

I don’t tell him how this was a record, how his daddy and I made it 36 hours before our first fight.

I don’t tell him about the fight, the same one we always have, the you are so controlling, followed by the you have no patience, ending, as always, with me sobbing on the kitchen floor.

I don’t tell him how blissed out it made me to roll over on Saturday morning to find a warm chest for my head, to interlace fingers with fingers and toes with toes, to feel my entire being enveloped by the steady rhythm of someone else’s breath.

I don’t tell him that it’s possible to love someone just as much now as you did 25 years ago.

I don’t tell him that I ate all of his Snickers bars for lunch.

I tell him only one thing.

Dash. It’s flank. Not plank.

flank steak

Pomegranate Flank Steak

Serves 4

One 1 1/2-pound flank steak
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, for seasoning meat
A few turns black pepper
2 anchovy fillets, packed in oil
3 cloves garlic, peeled
1 large shallot, finely diced (about 1 tablespoon)
2 teaspoons honey
3 tablespoons pomegranate molasses
1 tablespoon balsamic reduction (or regular balsamic vinegar)
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons red wine (any kind)
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, for the marinade
3/4 cup pomegranate arils

See the full recipe (and save it and print it) here.

Photos by Phyllis Grant

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Phyllis Grant is an IACP finalist for Personal Essays/Memoir Writing and a three-time Saveur Food Blog Awards finalist for her blog, Dash and Bella. Her essays and recipes have been published in a dozen anthologies and cookbooks including Best Food Writing 2015 and 2016. Her work has been featured both in print and online for various outlets, including Oprah, The New York Times, Food52, Saveur, The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Tasting Table and Salon. Her memoir with recipes, Everything Is Out of Control, is coming out April 2020 from Farrar Straus & Giroux. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and two children.


Alicia March 30, 2015
I'm right there on the floor with you ... 30 years.
laurenlocally March 30, 2015
Missed this the first time around, so glad it resurfaced in the newsletter today!
Melina H. December 2, 2014
you. and the tears. wtf. you made me cry again. esp with the toes and fingers and 25 years. i feel ya in mine own here, woman.
rebecca November 5, 2014
Phyllis G. November 6, 2014
Add a splash of Worchestershire sauce (though there are anchovies in there). Or just skip the anchovies. Anchovies are always optional. You might want to add a tiny bit more salt to the marinade. Maybe a heaping 1/4 teaspoon instead of a flat 1/4 teaspoon. Let me know if you try it!
Camille K. November 5, 2014
Ah. I love your writing.
And this dish is b-e-autiful.
Phyllis G. November 6, 2014
Thank you, Camille!