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Technicolor Kitchen

September 22, 2010

 Patricia Scarpin  Ginger Crunch Bars

Patricia Scarpin heard the call of the kitchen from an early age, when the aromas of cake baking in her Brazilian home (and her father's stirring reaction to said scent) made her a cooking fan for life. Patricia's friends didn't understand her affinity for pots and pans, but she stayed true to her passion over the years. When she finally discovered her kin on food blogs, she started her own.

On her blog Technicolor Kitchen (which is also available in Portuguese) she draws inspiration from both Brazilian flavors and classic pastry technique, resulting in treats like pao de mel macarons and passion fruit panna cotta. Her ginger crunch bars are an intriguing alternative to the classic lemon bars she has on her site (and you know we're suckers for a good shortbread bar). We think her marmalade bread and butter pudding would be a welcome addition to brunch, whether you're in Sao Paulo or San Francisco, and her maple-brulee tartlets would be a perfect finish to an autumnal dinner party.

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Navigating the site is pure joy -- as an avid cinephile (her favorite director is Martin Scorsese), Patricia's posts tend to be full of fun pop culture references. And a simple recipe index and helpful conversion page for her friends overseas make it ideal for readers on any continent. Just be careful where you click -- posts may contain decadent treats, but some also have movie spoilers!

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta  Pao de Mel Macarons


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Sagegreen September 23, 2010
How inspiring! Thank you for such a great blog.
mrslarkin September 22, 2010
Nice blog!
Kitchen B. September 22, 2010
This is one blog I L?VE and don't read enough. Thanks for getting me back on the straight and narrow
thirschfeld September 22, 2010
this is an extremely cool site, thanks highlighting it for us