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A Haiku or Two, on Sweaters

November  8, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 

Egg Hats  Tea sweater


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if you want to de-
stroy my sweater, hand me a
messy slice of pie


A good sweater is
really just a warm blanket
you can wear to work.

Are you inspired to write a poem about your favorite cozy knits? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photos by James Ransom and Bobbi Lin


The T. November 10, 2014
Perfectly soft-boiled<br />Dressed in a hat, looks human<br />Way too cute to crack!
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Tea cozy, knit in<br />the same yarn as that sweater<br />I made. Now we match. ;o) <br />
citlalnahuac November 10, 2014
If one is allowed to give haiku titles, I dub this "Soon...":<br />Kitten in sweater,<br />Not a happy kitty cat,<br />But looks so so cute.<br /><br />Yes, I was just over on Cute Overload. Why do you ask?
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Darling, functional,<br />easier to knit than a<br />little dog's sweater. ;o)
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Are you allowed to give haikus titles? I had tea cozies on the brain with that one there. ;o)
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
"Tea cozy." Was there<br />ever a cuter name, but<br />also, one so apt? ;o)
The T. November 9, 2014
Forecast- arctic blast<br />Wool, cashmere out of storage<br />Warm and cozy now<br />
Sauertea November 9, 2014
Los Angeles Fall<br />Fair isle sweaters just a dream<br />Wish for blast of cold
Pegeen November 9, 2014
Beautiful<br />Yes, wishing for cold
Lindsay-Jean H. November 9, 2014
come the first leaf fall<br />they're all I wear -- plus slippers --<br />until summertime
ninjaginga November 9, 2014
80s acrylic<br />warm, cool (and also garish)<br /> a thrift store jack pot
Pegeen November 9, 2014
I have five of these :-)
Kristen M. November 9, 2014
Sandra Bullock wore<br />her sleeves down over her palms<br />so I, twelve, did too
Sarah J. November 9, 2014
Pegeen November 9, 2014
While you were sleeping<br />A fairy rolled up your sweater cuff<br />So Bill Pullman could slip you a ring<br /><br />[OK so it’s not 17 – sue me]<br />
Kristen M. November 10, 2014
Sandra really knew how to work a sweater cuff.
Author Comment
Marian B. November 10, 2014
Pegeen November 9, 2014
Marian and Sarah<br />Loved your haikus<br />The gift of sweater pleasure
Pegeen November 9, 2014
Black cashmere and a string of pearls<br />Grey slacks (you have to call them slacks)<br />Audrey<br /><br />[OK, I better stop this and go do some chores...]
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Love this one, Pegeen! ;o)
Pegeen November 9, 2014
Love the egg hat "cozy" in the photo. I see it on Provisions:<br /><br /><br />If that wouldn't get a four-year old to eat a soft-boiled egg, I don't know what would. (Maybe offering Eggs and Soldiers (buttered toast strips for dipping.)
AntoniaJames November 8, 2014
In Dublin, in my <br />Aran cardigan, they think<br />I'm one of their own. ;o)
Pegeen November 9, 2014
Love it! <br />(I grew up in an urban, diverse area. The first time I went to Ireland, I was astonished to see a whole town of people who basically looked like me!)
AntoniaJames November 9, 2014
Me, too! Walking through Dublin, I felt like just about everyone I saw could be my cousin. ;o)
Pegeen November 9, 2014
You probably know this already, but the different stitches in Irish sweaters used to be the hallmarks of different localities and makers (chain stitches, blackberries...)
AntoniaJames November 10, 2014
Yes, to identify the bodies washed ashore, or so I was once told. ;o)
Pegeen November 10, 2014
omg... I never heard that part of the lore. But it makes sense.
Pegeen November 8, 2014
Itchy wool<br />Including colors not found in nature<br />Mistaken gift<br />
Pegeen November 8, 2014
A well-made Irish sweater<br />Smells like a wet sheep<br />That had a haircut<br />
AntoniaJames November 8, 2014
Beautiful, and so true!! (My father ordered us all Aran sweaters from the Shannon airport store, back when you could not buy them in the US.) ;o)
AntoniaJames November 8, 2014
Cashmere, alpaca,<br />Wool, silk, nubby, shiny, smooth.<br />Fibers, I love you all. ;o)<br />
AntoniaJames November 8, 2014
Back first, then front, then<br />Sleeves, bands, collar. I've designed<br />And knit so many. ;o)
Pegeen November 9, 2014
AJ, I can't believe you can cook and write recipes as wonderfully as you do AND knit whole sweaters. It's just not fair! :-)