Food Poems

A Haiku or Two, on Moms

November 15, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


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Mom used to save me
all the brownie edges -- those
were the true filets.


her mac and cheese comes
from nancy reagan although
mom’s a democrat. 

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  • kfles
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    Cassandra Rayne Gross
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    Catherine Lamb
  • Pegeen
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


kfles November 17, 2014
though you always are,
you taught me never to be
Cassandra R. November 17, 2014
she labored to feed
and teach. memories are sweet
the present: bitter
Windischgirl November 16, 2014
Nagymama taught me
Strudel, porkolt, bread making;
Mom shared "Gourmet " mag.
Catherine L. November 16, 2014
Some things she taught me:
Popcorn can be a meal, and
Salt makes things better.
Pegeen November 16, 2014
Marian - Filets, from brownies. That image will stick.
Pegeen November 16, 2014
Patience. Patience. Patience.
More Patience
Then more patience
Pegeen November 16, 2014
I messed up:

Patience. Patience. Patience.
More patience
Then patience
The T. November 15, 2014
I love going home
She always remembers to
Cook my favorite
Pegeen November 17, 2014
Thumb up
aargersi November 15, 2014
Mom is an artist
Which she sort of passed to me
Food is my pallet
AntoniaJames November 15, 2014
You taught me to think
ahead, in cooking and in
life. Thank you, Mother. ;o)