A Haiku or Two, on Stress

November 29, 2014

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 

Burnt Stuffing


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Will there be enough
Food? Will there be enough food?
There is too much food. 


making pie crust is
like an extreme sport: gives me
heart palpitations.

Guest Haiku-er, Gabriella

Klonopin: a word
Too long for haikus I think
But give me more now

Are you inspired to write a poem about stress? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.


diaday February 24, 2015
There are times when a<br />pile of mashed potatoes makes<br />everything OK.
creamtea December 1, 2014
stuffing, cranberries,<br />creamy wedge of pumpkin pie<br />bathroom scale awaits.
Brette W. November 30, 2014
epicharis November 30, 2014
flour everywhere,<br />singed scraps of parchment paper,<br />a double bourbon.<br />
AntoniaJames November 30, 2014
Pear almond cake an <br />epic fail . . . . until I made<br />Devonshire pudding. <br />;o) (Details on this drama can be found here: https://food52.com/recipes/31073-pear-and-almond-cake )
Pegeen November 30, 2014
They are all great, but Sarah, your haiku gave me a big smile
Pegeen November 30, 2014
Pie crust bust,<br />for the apple no less<br />Laughter never sounded so good<br />
vvvanessa November 30, 2014
let me not ruin<br />this heritage turkey that<br />costs twelve bucks a pound
creamtea December 1, 2014
too funny.<br />
creamtea November 29, 2014
Turkey, undercooked.<br />Stray leaves wilt on salad plates.<br />More wine, anyone?
Burf November 29, 2014
What a perfect meal!<br />But where were the cranberries?<br />Chillin' in the fridge.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 29, 2014
Sans hot water for<br />one week. Best time of the year<br />to get stuff fixed! (Not.)
gingerroot November 29, 2014
Taking a shower<br />Shouldn't be so hard, except<br />on Thanksgiving day<br /><br />(Follow up haiku)<br />I wanted to wear<br />Eau de bacon wrapped turkey<br />So no harm no fowl
AntoniaJames November 29, 2014
What stress I don't leave<br />at the office, I leave on<br />hiking trails. Amen.