Food52's Holiday Wish List

December 10, 2014

You know that feeling when you’re looking for holiday gifts and you end up surreptitiously filling your cart with things you want for yourself? We do too. Rather than fight it, we asked the Food52 team which Provisions products they’re hoping to unwrap this year:

Are you coveting Champagne coupes? Dreaming of digital thermometers? Tell us in the comments! (Or make a collection of your favorites like this one from Kenzi, title it Holiday Wish List, and conspiciously leave it open on the screen for your family to discover).


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Rachel: Double oven mitts, which is also hopefully the gift of no longer burning my forearms.

Danny: A 12-month subscription to the Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club would earn you a place in my heart for long after the subscription ended.

Kenzi: ALL of the vintage glassware!! All of it. And also a mixing glass. I use a Boston glass now and always think of how fancy I could be one day if I just had a mixing glass. 


Lindsay-Jean: The rustic oak pie slab. Because my spirit animal is a galette, and spirit animals deserve Christmas presents too. And if I found gomasio, shichimi togarashi, and N.5 in my stocking, I'd start spreading Christmas cheer like Buddy the Elf. (Only with tasty sprinkles of herbs and spices, not with maple syrup on spaghetti.)

Julie: A French ceramic butter keeper -- because good butter deserves a good home. And pretty glass things, like Prosecco glasses.

Posie: Personally, if someone happened to give me a brass pretzel necklace I would not be mad about it.


Erin: PieBox!!!!! I don't know why I don't have one, except for that I secretly, actually want five. (Editor's note: Pie dreams do come true!)

Amanda: I would be thrilled to receive the plate warmer because it's a brilliant invention -- electric blanket and swaddling in one. For plates!

Channing: I've got by eyes on this stunning chef's knife -- I can just picture it now slicing through my family's perfectly cooked Christmas roast. Or the crescent bottle opener because it will make even the shabbiest beers look that much chicer. 

Lucy: This apron is my ideal cozy chic look. I think it would go perfectly over pajamas for some Christmas morning pancake-making. 

Haley: Unpaper towels, reusable pot scrubbers, dryer balls. I think I may have a cleaning problem, but in a good OCD sort of way?

Lauren: I dream of a pantry where all the grains and pastas are in different glass jars with walnut tops.  


Ryan: Love the type on the Let’s Brew t-shirt.

Christina: I would make all the salads in the world if Santa brought me the American black walnut salad bowl.

Gabriella: The miniature jadeite cake plate, because I love miniatures. While we're at it, the miniature bowls too. 

Ryan: Everyone splurges on their chef's knife, but given the amount of time I also spend with a paring knife, I believe ours from Heartwood Forge is a handsome and worthy splurge itself.

What's on your wish list? Tell us in the comments!

Photos by James Ransom

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