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5 Asian-Inspired Dinners

December 16, 2014

The holiday rush is on: You’re juggling last-minute shopping, intense gift wrapping sessions, and baking cookies like your life depends on it. After a long day of merrymaking (or maybe just running around frantically trying to seize the last days of 2014), dinner needs to be simple yet satisfying.

When you're craving comfort food that's different from the usual suspects, Asian sounds perfect. Instead of running for the takeout menu, cook an Asian meal from the comfort of your own home and make a night of it. There’s nothing like home-cooked food that's both sweet and savory, garlicky and spicy, to take the chill off of winter and unfog your mind from holiday chaos.

Here are 5 Asian-inspired dinner ideas so you can stay in and relax tonight:

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Jean-Georges' Ginger Fried Rice + Ginger Miso Salad


Tangy Teriyaki Salmon + Pad Thai Redux


Soy Sauce Chicken and Eggs + Momofuku’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette


Thai Basil Stir-Fry (Put Kaprow) + The Kitchn’s One-Ingredient Ice Cream


Minced Chicken and Cashew with Thai Basil + Chinese Broccoli Salad with Sesame Sriracha Dressing

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Laura Bray

Written by: Laura Bray